Presidential election and leadership behavior

President Barack Obama's Impactful Address

President Barack Obama delivered one of the most powerful addresses during the 2008 presidential race. This speech made me feel strong and had a favorable impact on my emotional condition.

The Power of Hope and Possibility

Following his election as the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama delivered a victory speech that gave me hope that I could achieve my goals despite my socioeconomic situation. In his remarks, he stated that anyone who doubts their ability should remember that America is a land where anything is possible. This lecture greatly energized me and boosted my morale to perform my best. This speech had substantially enhanced my performance, notably at work.

The Power of Resilience and Individual Performance

In the company I work for, there was a time when the division I worked in performed dismally. The head of the division was once aggrieved with the persisting drop in performance that he once exclaimed that we were not good enough since we did little to improve the division's performance. His comments affected my emotional state and work morale. However, it did not affect my individual performance since I did not let his comments get into my head.

The Influence of Leaders on Morale and Performance

One of the main implications of leaders making their followers feel powerful is improved morale which translates to enhanced performance. Through this, leaders can influence their followers to work towards achieving the common goal.

Leadership Behavior: Challenging the Process

Question 2

Challenging the process is one of the main leadership behaviors I would apply in my leadership development. It essentially involves challenging the status quo in search of innovative ways of doing things for the benefit of the organization (Kouzes & Posner, n.d.). Additionally, it incorporates risk-taking behaviors in which a leader accepts failure as part of the learning process.


Kouzes, J., & Posner, B. (n.d.). The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® Model. Retrieved April 4, 2017, from

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