Pope Francis’s Evangelic Gradium relationship and Haque’s Idea of Betterness

In his most famous exhortation, Evangelii Gradium

Pope Francis proclaims the message of redemption by persuading all to turn to Jesus and confess their sins. This wonderful paper would have a significant effect on the lives of future generations. He believes that those who meet Jesus and achieve his redemption are filled with the joy of the gospel. He urges people to come to Jesus in order for their sins to be washed away and for loneliness and grief to leave their lives. Above all, the most extraordinary knowledge in the Pope's text is to foster brotherhood and oneness at the cost of self-reliance.

On the other scene, Umair Haque, in his work, "Betterness: Economics for Humans,"

comes out superbly to defend socialism or rather communism at the expense of capitalism. He argues that in our lives today, people value the profits they gain from businesses and other economic activities without a keen consideration of well being of the society and economic paradigm at large. He says that people have mental illness that need to be cured or else there will still exist diminishing common wealth, inequality in the economy and an immense increase in the gap between the poor and the rich, wage stagnation and general economic showdown. He therefore called upon the people to become realistic and work together as one to ensure that the human integrity is upheld. Most of concern, the humankind should get out of business and adopt betterness.

Generally, Pope Francis and Haque are hands and glove in illustrating the most powerful fruits of oneness.

They all advocate for team building which ensure resources are shared with love, care and justice. Capitalism, or working with a view of self interests lead to social evils like greed which are basically meant to be business and not to better lives. They strongly send a warning to the current generation who still wallow in a mess of one's own interest as seen in various scenarios below.

First and foremost, in a free market system, the partakers tend to be much focused on the self benefits.

This has led to the capitalists accumulating wealth by setting higher prices, forgetting about the poor who cannot afford such highly priced goods and services. Their main motive is to enrich themselves not minding about the poor who are worsened off. In the document by Pope, and Haque, they strongly refute this act and argue that people should love one another and share equally in the case of Pope Exhortation, and people should aim at making the society better place for all not few individuals as in the case of Haque.

Secondly, in the bad form Wells Fargo scene,

it was a surprise scandal that left many individuals hopeless. Innocent employees were forced to get involve in shameful acts which included opening up fake bank accounts for the customers. These loyal employees were forced to do so by the top officials who were pursuing self enrichment. According to Pope's gospel, the administration should be the frontrunners in uplifting those they lead. They should be open-armed ready to receive and solve the employees' problems, like in the case of woman who gives freely, Jesus. Haque on the other hand disputes this by saying that self interest individuals always think for their own betterness and leave the majority in the society poor and economically weakened. In this scandal, the ex-employees suffered a great deal because the officials at Wells Fargo tampered with their documents and they could not secure new jobs easily. There existed not shreds of tenderness and love in the officials due to selfish driven motives.

Thirdly, in the American debt trap,

many found themselves in a ditch, including the university students who were ignorant enough about the consequences of impulse borrowing. The lending institutions offered young people money to go to colleges, buy houses and meet other needs. The terms and conditions of the loans were so favorable that the young borrowed more money than was expected. When the time for loan repayment matured, it was very suicidal matter. The loan interest rates were unmanageable. Many of the students become slaves of their employers immediately they entered the job market because they were desperate for jobs so as to pay back the due loans. There was a financial crisis at the end. Those who borrowed more could not pay in time and the banks too had inadequate funds to loan out. According to Haque, the people who privately own factors of production exploit the poor ensuring that they remain bellow or just above the poverty lines. This ensures that they always get cheap labor. He therefore wished for a society with communal ownership of properties so that all people can access those resources and are better off. Pope too advised the people knowledgeable about something to remind those who are ignorant of it. The students ought to have been told about the consequences of unplanned and excessive borrowing.

Lastly, a state of dilemma is experienced in President Trump's vow to grow the coal industry right now.

The president has insisted on supporting the growth of the coal industry despite the disagreements from both scientists and citizens' opinions on the possible shortcomings of the project. The research has it that the harmful effects from the coal industry outweigh its benefits. Surprisingly, only two sections of the population bet on the vow and want to see it executed. Haque see these two groups as being selfish and business minded and not groups that can better the society. In Pope's teaching, he urges the mankind to uplift those who are poor and reach them in their times of need. The society should mind going out to meet those with burdens just as Jesus did. In conclusion, Pope Francis and Haque have a brilliant message to the society as a whole. Under all circumstances the society should promote togetherness, reach those who are ignorant and inform them, own the natural resources communally and solve all their woes wisely without taking sides or else the society will be in vain.

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