plan for land use

A land-use plan

A land-use plan is a framework that aims to govern how land is used properly and successfully to avoid rampant land problems. According to Natcher, David C. (115), Saskatchewan, as a Canadian province bordering the United States, needs land use plans to avoid any potential dispute.

Misinipiy Integrated Land Use Plan

Misinipiy is located in northern Saskatchewan and covers an area of 3,119,793 hectares. The main reason for the Misinipiy Integrated Land Use Plan is to provide clear objectives and potential actions which guide the government agencies, integrated parties and the other parties on land use management activities which, in one way or the other, affect the health of resources in the area.

Principles of Land Use Plan

The Ministry took seven years to come up with the Integrated Land Use Plan due to the long process of collecting and analyzing information from the vast public consultation. The Land Use Plan follows some principles so as to achieve the stated objective. These principles include: Focusing on the long-term view, looking at the big picture, using adaptive management to learn from experience, involving the people affected by the decision, making decisions based on science, and concentrating on the ecosystem health and integrity.

Collaboration and Cooperation

The process of formulating the Land Use Plan saw a great collaboration and cooperation between the government and the extensive community with an advisory board consisting of representatives from eight northern communities.

The Integrated Land Use Plan

The main reason why the Land Use Plan for Misinipiy area is said to be integrated is that the plan integrates with Amisk-Atik land use plan and the Pinehouse Dipper land use plan. The Misinipiy Land Use Plan, therefore, identifies three zones of land use namely the protected zone, the sensitive zone, and the resource management zone (Hodge, Gerald, and David Gordon.213).

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