Patterns Noticed In the Lynching Incidents

Wells and Lynching

Wells observed that lynching incidents were mainly based on the race of a person. Many of the human beings who faced the lynching were those with the colored skins or rather the African Americans. Moreover, he noted that justice does not succeed whenever a coloured person is accused of committing a crime towards the white people. Some of the coloured people sentenced to lynching are innocent.

The Purpose of Lynching

In the South, lynching is mainly used as a way of punishing the rapists. However, the nation authorities in the South have been selective when administering this form of punishment. It is mainly used to punish the Afro-American rapists and those humans of the coloured skin who are thought or found to have an affair with the white women. Lynching is used as one way of restricting the interaction between the white and the black people living in America. The whites still perceive the coloured people as sinful, uncivilized and barbaric. When a white man rapes an Afro-Asian woman, he is not sentenced to lynching. This indicates that discrimination still exists in the contemporary world.

Power and Lynching

In many countries, people in the authorities use power to excuse barbarity, a crime against humanity and justice. The white people in the south are using the power of their skin colour and economic class to excuse the lynching of the Afro-American people. The coloured skin people regard lynching as a crime against humanity and an injustice practice which discriminates them from the whites.

Different Meaning of Lynching

White people understand lynching as a form of punishment for the black people who commit sexual harassment against white women. On the other hand, the coloured skin people understand it as a form of discrimination and a crime against humanity.


Wells-Barnett, Ida B. 2013. Southern horrors: lynch law in all its phases. Lexington, KY.

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