Patient Record Management

The Administrator's Dilemma

The administrator is in a difficult situation in this case because the resolution will have an impact on other cases, and a fair decision must be made after considering all the evidence (Connor & Meston, 2016).

Impartial Investigation

First off, conducting an impartial investigation of the doctor's actions is the wisest course of action in this situation.

Engaging the Doctor

After the inquiry is complete, the doctor should be contacted and asked to explain why this crime is becoming worse and worse.

Decision Making Process

The administrator should next make a decision regarding whether to fire the doctor when all the relevant information has been presented.

Similar Experience

The case above must be treated with seriousness given the fact that a similar experience was played out in my work place whereby, a physician had been alleged to take the hospitals medication without a prescription (Connor & Meston, 2016).

Uncovering a Drug Ring

After investigations were carried out a drug ring was exposed whereby the physician in question was found to be the supplier of the illegal drugs. This development became a major legal issue with major repercussions as the hospital's activities were almost ground to a halt.

Maintaining High Standards

Such occurrences show that matters of physicians going rogue should not be dealt lightly especially when the law is broken (Connor & Meston, 2016).

Workplace Ethics

Furthermore, what is paramount for a medical center is the provision of quality services which are curtailed by physicians who in this case repeatedly have delinquent medical records each month. Workplace ethics should be held in high regards, and in this case, the administrator should ensure that if the physician bears any wrongdoing, then the right thing to do would be to terminate his or her employment so as to evade any legal liability.


Connor, M., Day, G. E., & Meston, D. (2016). Successful linking of patient records between hospital services and general practice to facilitate integrated care in a hospital and health service in south-east Queensland. Australian Health Review, 40(1), 78-81.

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