Orange High School

Orange High School in Cleveland, Ohio, is a center class institution which comprises an ethnically numerous population. Joining the school, I was excited at the prospect of gaining insight into the diverse lives of humans from other races. I would accomplish this through shared meals, classes and typical interaction. Having been in an all-white neighborhood, I was very confident that this opportunity would notably change my point of view. More so, I discovered a social assemble subscribed to by many in America; that whites are never the victims of racism. While there is a mountain of literature on how minority groups, are supposed to handle racial bias, however there is a deficit of information on how caucasians ought to behave when they are the minority.

Upon arival at Orange High School, I was greeted by the sight of students from all walks of life. However, I soon came to learn of the school’s supportive framework for enhancing inclusivity and diversity. I also quickly came to learn of the different political orientations of the students at Orange High. With the American political landscape becoming more vibrant in recent years, political orientation was a significant part of the academic and social scene at the school. As a white male interacting with African Americans, Mexicans, Chinese among others, I leant that the majority of those who belonged to these groups supported democrats more than republicans. Conversely, interacting with other caucasians in the school, I realized that some harbored conservative political orientation. Debate between these two political schools of thought was usually fierce, and would result in a hieightened sense of polarization in the school. Nonetheless, political orientation had little disruptive effect on the level of inclusion I felt as I joined Orange High School.

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