Nursing Journal Club Attendance

I had attended one of the nursing journal clubs in the area, where I was able to expand my professional knowledge. The journal club, which is managed by Maryland Medical Center, ensures that its members meet once a month for one to two hours. During the sessions, members present and discuss their research findings, which are then compared to clinical practice. The research contents are amended as needed to improve nursing practice and patient care. The primary goal of the journal club I attended was to raise nurses' understanding of the best clinical practices. provide guidance on the ways to interpret health care research and utilize the findings to improve clinical practice; introduce EBP in nursing; and provide nurses with networking platform and discuss change management. The club targets nursing students and experienced nurses who provide healthcare services. I have gained a lot of experience as I interact with other nurses regarding different cases affecting the field of nursing.

The key problem the journal club aims at addressing is the gap existing in the access of clinical information by nurses. The club identified lack of access to literature as a major hindrance to nurses’ learning. As such, it has managed to consider different learning elements that can improve healthcare education. The club has always attempted to bridge the gap between classroom research experience and clinical experience for the nurses. By participating in the journal club, nurses are able to keep abreast of the current and best clinical research (Lizarondo, Grimmer-Somers, Kumar, & Crockett, 2012). The participating nurses can also be aware of the existing research findings and appraise research to improve patient care and experience. By promoting EBP among nurses, the club enhances confidence among the nurses and encourages team building.

To address the issue of EBP in the nursing fraternity, the journal club ensures that participants share information through an online Twitter platform. Various research findings and reviewed journals are posted by students on the club website; the information can be accessed by the members who comment on the information they obtain. This experience has increased the knowledge and skills of the participants. Another solution to the EBP gap is enhanced active participation among the participants; nurses get to interact with others and even work on a problem together whenever they meet (Laaksonen, Paltta, von Schantz, Ylönen, & Soini, 2013). I have been able to create networks and even visit certain hospitals where some of the club members work.

The club has presented me with diverse opportunities that I could not witness in the classroom. I have improved my reading habits and enhanced my appraisal skills since I am faced with diverse literature that ought to be interpreted in clinical terms. By interacting with other nurses, I managed to develop the skills of openness and develop urge for learning and develop multidisciplinary cooperation. By continuing to participate in the club, I will be able to develop innovative ideas on how to address issues affecting patients in different clinical setting. Some of the competencies that the club promotes include integrity, teamwork, accountability, and transparency in the nursing practice. The experience from the club enhances my capacity to become competent in the nursing field.


Lizarondo, L. M., Grimmer-Somers, K., Kumar, S., & Crockett, A. (2012). Does journal club membership improve research evidence uptake in different allied health disciplines: a pre-post study. BMC research notes, 5(1), 588.

Laaksonen, C., Paltta, H., von Schantz, M., Ylönen, M., & Soini, T. (2013). Journal club as a method for nurses and nursing students' collaborative learning: a descriptive study. Health Science Journal, 7(4).

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