Networking and effective leadership for Managers

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Effective communication plays a central role in ensuring internal and external efficiencies and effectiveness to a manager. It is also important when it comes to undertaking projects and ensuring that staff is committed to their positions. As a politician, though at the organizational level, a manager needs to have the ability to impact individuals into making a particular decision or development plan. In order to do this, he or she needs to build good networks and coalitions within the corporate. These interactions determine the necessary power that the leader can use to get a reaction from the workforce. With referent power, a manager can be more of a leader than a manager. By taking this role, it is easier to light a fire in staffs and getting positive responses as he already has their trust (USAID, 2014).
To create strong coalitions and networks, a manager needs to act more like a leader than a boss. As a manager, most employees will only obey and interact due to his coercive power. However, like a leader, referent power and the expertise power are the main attraction to creating a bond with staffs who are friends and their friends too. Strong writing and oral abilities are core skills in creating such. Moreover, the manager must have the capability to set agendas, build consensus, be good in making decisions, and also be reliable in managing conflict as well as in strategic planning so as to ensure there is trust among the network and coalitions built (USAID, 2005). Since networks and coalitions are serve for short periods of time, constant communication is core as the role of the groups keep changing. This aids in keeping such teams together for long periods of time.
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