Narrative of Literacy: An Experience That Taught You the Value of Literacy

According to Neilson (2014), literacy is the capacity to read, write, speak, and listen in a way that supports efficient interpersonal dialogue. The power of reading is based on these skills as well as the ability to use them by connecting, interpreting, and discerning the complexity of the world. Globalization, trade, computer technology, and the internet have all contributed to the rise of communities that use knowledge and information to create prosperity, necessitating the need for a highly skilled workforce in a world that is rapidly and continuously changing. As a result, the growing rivalry for literate workers is proof of literacy's importance in the modern world. Therefore one particular event that taught the importance of literacy is the selection process of leaders for the establishment of collaboration and co-ordination in the workplace.

On the surface, literacy may seem to be a shallow topic. However, an in-depth scrutiny reveals that a high literacy level is a key to personal and organizational success as a whole. Based on this observation, there is almost no doubt that the individuals who exhibit the best communication skills, correct judgment of factors and events as well as broad-range of knowledge are the best people for enhancing organizational collaboration. In most of the several seminars I have attended, the presence of individuals with significant degrees of insight have always facilitated more learning. More than once, people with extensive technological know-how, conversant with contemporary economic, political and social aspects of the worldwide community get selected to be team leaders. Furthermore, their skills in reading, writing, listening, and communication further enhances the interaction in this learning environment. The most important element of literacy lies in the role played when managing teams and developing collaborations. A person with sufficient mastery is not only an asset during innovations but also a primary player when it comes to lobbying, providing opinions and ideas that push for the realization of organizational goals. More often than not, the person with the highest proven literacy levels is selected to initiate, oversee and implement various operations including the establishment of partnerships, associations, and where applicable spearhead innovations. Simply put, the people who have high literacy levels are the best suited for leadership, supervision, and inventions. While many other events may show the importance of literacy, the uniqueness of manager or leader selection is unique because it is an event that has taken place repeatedly proving beyond doubt that firms and establishments target savvy persons to take charge of the critical operations.

Literacy helps in the achievement of success in the modern society while at the same time changing one’s perception in a way that opens the possibilities for accommodating abstract principles. Typically, those individuals with the capacity to obtain extensive information tend to be innovative and creative as well. Likewise, such a person is quick to understand and discern the real societal interactions for peaceful coexistence. Since literacy is crucial for the gaining of skills and prudence for conflict resolution and decision-making, the experience of manager or leader selection is based on the knowledge and mastery of the aspects about the firm. In other words, illiterate people tend to remain in the same spot hence missing out on valuable information. For this reason, literacy is an important tool for all people for a better society.

Work Cited

Neilson, Delvene. "Why is literacy important?" 3P Learning, 17 August 2014, Accessed 25 June 2017.

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