Monsters and Marvels in Medieval Art History

This course mainly examines religion and folklore surrounding supernatural beings like demons and monsters. A learner may be able to understand a variety of ideas throughout their path of study. The first instruction focuses on sin, monstrous races, and classical ideas. The reader can learn more about the different zodiac figures in this part as well as the astronomical calendar in general. The idea of Ethiopians and Demons is the other lesson that can be drawn from this instruction. Finally, one can comprehend the relationship between Jews and Christians throughout history. This study mainly focuses on events that took place during the medieval period. The most critical reading assignment is that of the classical theories, monstrous race, and sin. In this section, one gets the concept of the various zodiac constellations and their characteristics. Also, this section forms a basis of the various religions while giving the characteristics of each religion. In this section, we are introduced to a group of individuals known as Barbarians. We are familiarized with their characteristics and how their existence influenced the existence of Christian and Jews. Aside from these, we learn the characteristics of various mythological creatures that were developed during the medieval era.

In the end, one will be able to differentiate between scholarly work and other forms of reading. Scholarly work is more detailed yet precise compared to other pieces of works. To properly understand scholarly works, one must also understand all diagrammatic representations as they also relay some of the information. All scholarly works have three main sections, formal analysis, context and the conclusion. Identifying each of these sections will help one understand the information contained in the article properly.

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