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Multiple Influences on the Success of Employee and Team Motivation

There are multiple influences on the success of the employee and the team as a result of inspiration.

Factors Influencing Motivation in the Workplace

There are several causes that have an effect on motivation in the workplace. The interaction between co-workers is one of the factors that influence motivation in the workplace. The office is an environment where people collaborate and work together to accomplish those tasks and objectives. It is of tremendous significance for the staff and management of the organization to work together to ensure the well-being of the group. If one shows disrespect to another, it symbolizes hate, therefore, such people cannot be motivated to work together. The good relationship among the co-workers also brings about reduction in the stress levels, and this makes the employees comfortable at their workplace.

Reduction of Labor Problems

As a result of motivation, there will be a reduction in the labor problems. Some individuals in an organization when not given a proper treatment will not be encouraged to work. They sometimes feel adamant to do their duties, and when doing duties, they will not perform as expected. When a whole team is motivated through appraisal of salaries, they will all want to work hard, so that next time their salaries can be further increased. All this will discourage laziness, and everyone will be committed to their work. Others will not be overloaded by others who cannot perform well within the team. It will encourage a reduction of the work burden to other individuals who have been disadvantaged before, thus it will impact positively in the labor problems through the reductions.

Better Utilization of Available Resources

Through the motivation process, there will be better utilization of the available resources. The employees will ensure that the resources are used to the maximum so as to maximize profits. Every individual and the team members will offer their best, and the resources available will be carefully utilized and managed. This is done to boost the performance level of employees thus increase the output of the organization.

Creation of a Better Image for the Company

Through motivations, the individuals and the team will create a better image for the company. The company will be easily marketable as the individuals will be satisfied with the services offered to them by the management. Through the good imaging of the company or organization, it will result in having healthy competition for individuals who would want to join the company. The individuals who are in the company will be forced to give their best when working because failure to do so will lead to replacement as a result of high competition. The company will get a good reputation, and thus customers will want to come so as to get the quality services in this company.

Creating a Conducive Environment for Employees

The creation of a conducive environment for the employees enables them to feel accepted in the organization. The leaders should show some level of respect for the employees so as to boost their morale when at work. The management, by making good policies and guidelines, helps to resolve conflict when they happen in the organization (Wojtaszek 2016, p.1). Being that employees come from different backgrounds, some conflicting issues can exist. The conflicting issues can be solved by having proper guidelines and procedures while dealing with them. If a conflict emerges, treating the employees equally will make them feel appreciated and this will boost their morale. Individuals and a team through good performance can also be motivated by promotions and vacant positions up the ladder. Some employees work diligently to be appreciated by being given higher positions to occupy. The gifts and bonuses given to other employees also motivate the other employees to do their best in the workplace so as to also be recognized and be given the same bonuses and gifts.

Positive Impact on an Organization's Goals and Objectives

The levels of motivation will be able to impact positively upon an organization's goals and objectives. When the individuals are motivated through giving of bonuses it will encourage these individuals to work harder on their part. The encouragement to work hard will take the organization to another level. There will be competition among the workers within the company to ensure that all of them get bonuses in the company. Good work will be noticed by the management as individuals have a target so as to be rewarded at the end of their work by giving extra bonuses. Listening to the individuals will make the individuals feel they are part of the organization. This feeling will create a mood of togetherness and cooperation in the organization. All this will enable growth and maximize profits in the organization.

Increase in Productivity

One of the impacts of motivation on individuals and the company is that it motivates the employees to be much more productive. There will be a sizable increase in the production level and productivity within the company. The individuals will be encouraged to work extra hard in ensuring the benefits through promotions and gifts are achieved at the end of every year. They will be encouraged that at the end of any hard work there are good results. The individuals within the company would want recognition from the company so as to get a promotion to higher ranks within the organization. This will motivate them to do all they can so as to be productive and thus get the benefits from the company such as an increase in salary. The individual will be able to give their maximum when it can lead to output and performances. These persons who are motivated feel that these companies highly trust them and have the urge to continue working smart for the company to have more benefits coming their way.

Creation of Competition

Another impact of motivating an individual and team's performance is that it creates a competition atmosphere among all the employees. Other employees may feel jealous, envious, or even encouraged by the fact that one of them had been rewarded for exemplary performance. Some of the employees will also ask themselves why they cannot commit themselves fully so as to have the rewards too. A healthy competition will be very important for all the individuals in the company. Other individuals who are yearning for recognition will be keenly monitoring the individuals who have been rewarded. These individuals will try to find out what others are doing uniquely that will help them also have an exemplary performance. The major impact of competition from all employees is that it encourages productivity within the company.

Recognition and Job Satisfaction

Offering good salaries to each and every individual will make the whole team and individuals feel that their hard work does not end up in vain. They feel recognized within the company as important people. Giving recognition within the company through gifts and other items, such as salary increments, will encourage the employees to be satisfied with the work that is going on within these companies. Having a good environment creates a conducive environment for performing good work. The job satisfaction level will be high, and this will encourage the team to do their work diligently and effectively. The environment, when well organized and carefully taken care off, will make a comfortable stay at the workplace. If the workers are comfortable with where they work, it will force them to do their jobs without much distraction. All this will impact positively on the performance of the team and individuals within the organization. Motivation, such as letting an individual go out for a vacation after a good job, increases the job satisfaction of the individual. The individual will always feel the management is always treating its employees the right way. Through giving time off to the team members of an organization, it will help these individuals focus on other matters. The individuals will have a notion that the management cares for their welfare and would like them to also spend some time with their families and friends. Being given time off for vacation increases the job satisfaction, and when one comes back to work, they come as renewed people and will perform better.

Improved Relationships and Trust

The recognition through gifts and giving of higher ranks will help the individuals and the team feel they are part of a bigger plan in the company's development agenda. These persons will be encouraged to do all they can so as to ensure the company strives to achieve its goals. Promotion to higher ranks among the individuals within the organization will encourage the "we-feeling" attitude (Van de Ven, 1981).

Manager's Role in Motivating Employees

The managers, through their interactions and listening to the individuals and the team, will lead to the admiration of the manager's leadership skills. Most of the workers, if not all, will be envious of the manager's good conduct and will always be encouraged. A lot of praises will be given to the managers as they enable a good working relationship among all the members of the organization. Everyone will have a good feeling about the management of the company. Through the managers having a good relationship with the team and the individuals, it will impact positively in the workplace, and as a result, trust will be guaranteed to the managers by the employees. Through this trust, employees will work diligently without much supervision. Instructions will not be given too much to the employees as they can work without being compelled.

Enhanced Relationships between Employees

Through motivations, the relationship between the employees in an organization is enhanced. The "we-feeling" among the employees and the management of the organization is created by encouraging everyone to care about their colleagues. Cooperation will be a key to the success of the company. The team members will always be united and execute their duties as is required. Since the whole team will have the same objective and goal, they will be forced and encouraged to work together. By being united, the team can achieve a lot. Thus all the employees will be working as a unit so as to achieve good results as they are significantly motivated.

Middle Manager's Role in Employee Recognition

One of the roles of a middle manager is to check and analyze the best performing individuals in the organization. Their work is to carefully monitor the work rate of each and every individual within the said organization. They will check the workability through the past data that they have been receiving from these organizations. Through the checking and monitoring of employee performances, the company will easily identify the rightful individuals who ought to be awarded.

The middle manager is also tasked with the issue of encouraging, sharing, and also assisting individuals so as to clinch rewards. They encourage the employees to perform exemplarily so as to clinch the words at the end of every financial year. They share the given experiences they have and how they managed to get through those higher ranks. The middle manager's role is to inspire and motivate the individuals so that these individuals can also move to higher ranks.


Van de Ven, W.P., and Van Praag, B.M. (1981). The demand for deductibles in private health insurance: A probit model with sample selection. Journal of econometrics, 17(2):229-252.

Wojtaszek, H. (2016). Selected aspects of innovative motivation. World Scientific News, 44:1.

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