Mesopotamian Artifacts that can make, change or Maintain an Interest Group’s Identity

A proper assessment of the affairs of the world shows that the artifacts from mesopotamia can create, change, and maintain the identity of an interest group. In the analysis by Bernhardsson (3), it is clear that most of the influential people and companies are involved in moving artifacts from Asia and Africa to other places like USA and Europe. One of the main reasons for this is the need to secure the artifacts more, especially from Iraq, becuase a number of archaeologiests beleive that the artifacts are safer and exposed to better environmental conditions that would be safe from destruction. According to Bernhardsson (6), the Mesopotamian artifacts can create the identity of the Iraqis by enhancing the levels of nationalism that the people exhibit. In essence, the various forms of artifacts from the Mesopotamia act as a source of pride for the Iraqi personalities thus enhancing the people’s love for their nation. Consequently, the Iraqis will always prefer to identify with the artifacts from Mesopotamia and become distinct from other personalities in the world. Besides, the Mesopotamian artifacts create the identity of the Iraqis by providing the rest of the world the opportunity to learn about the nature of activities that the Iraqis consistently undertook thus enhancing the spread of information about the cultural, social and economic lifestyles of the people who lived around Mesopotamia region.

The Mesopotamian artifacts also play a critical role in the maintenance of a group’s identity by ensuring that the people do not lose their cultural practices and beliefs (Feldman 42). Scholars argue that the presence of various artifacts displaying different forms of cultural practices that the ancient communities practiced critically inspires people to live in a particular way due to the belief that a deviation from the cultural norms is not appropriate. Besides, the presence of the Mesopotamian artifacts offers reliable sources of information thus elevating the Iraqis’ abilities to live in a unique way. For instance, the Iraqis have stuck to their ancient ways of life by observing the artifacts. Therefore, the relocation of the Mesopotamian artifacts from Iraq to the European nations is an activity that adversely affects the cultural practices of the Iraqis and contributes to the loss of the people’s identity.

Researchers also argue that the Mesopotamian artifacts can significantly contribute to the change in a group’s identity. Specifically, various personalities have appealed to the European nations and the American authorities to initiate some strategies for ensuring that the Iraqis maintain Mesopotamian cultural practices. However, according to Samuel (3), the argument that the Iraqis can keep the artifacts when the Americans and the European nations offer them relevant training concerning the preservation of the artifacts will immensely change the former’s lifestyles hence a loss of identity. Consequently, it is evident that the traditional tools can also contribute to the loss of the cultural beliefs of the Iraqis.

To conclude, the Mesopotamian artifacts can significantly contribute to the maintenance, change or creation of the identity of a given group of people. As discussed in this essay, the Mesopotamian artifacts are essential sources of information to the Iraqis thus contributing to the maintenance of the people’s cultural beliefs and practices. However, the involvement of foreigners such as Americans and Europeans in the course of training the Iraqis how to safeguard the Mesopotamian artifacts will critically contribute to the change in the latter’s lifestyles.

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