media ethics in films

Unprecedented developments in the digital world have provided the media with a multitude of news gathering possibilities and challenges. Fox News consists of a variety of reporters who specialize primarily in documentary reporting and explanatory journalism. Many people have considered it reliable for all the breaking news and exclusive storylines found in the documentaries behind-the-scenes. Based on the messages made on social media, many people appear to be impressed with television reports on topics such as climate change policy, weather and sports. However, the fox news reporting has been critiqued by individuals who feel that the strategies used in reporting do not always express the actual perceptions of reality (Director "Outfoxed"). Fox news has been faced with a number of ethical issues such as misinformation, and disinformation. Ethical issues are problems that require community or community members to choose alternatives that can be evaluated to be right or unethical. According to (Director "Outfoxed") fox news reporting has been “Outfoxed” because some of their news reports are misleading to the viewers who wholly rely on the reporting as true reports.Ethical principles such as Truth and accuracy, respect for humanity, accountability, and balanced coverage of the news will be used in this essay to identify ethical problems employed by fox news reporters. For example, in late stages of the 2012 presidential campaign, the former president of the USA, Barack Obama got less negative coverage on the Fox News Channel compared to his competitors. (Harcup and Tony 22) nearly half (46%) of his coverage was negative with a less positive tone in his reports as a reflection of political misinformation. Similarly, Fox news reported disinformation news on Obamacare that left the viewers to believe that the healthcare plan was designed in favour of illegal immigrants, and create ignorance on healthcare for the elderly this showed lack of respect for the involved persons (Harcup and Tony 23).A number of news reporters have been reluctant in their professionalism this has resulted to bad ethical influence in the media causing misinformation that has misled many people by far triggering distrust issues on the media reports (Harcup and Tony 23).Work Cited"Outfoxed", director. 2017.Harcup, Tony. The Ethical Journalist. 1st ed., London, Sage Publications, 2017.

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