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In the clinical cases, Dr. Paul Ekman studies on deception, some patients lied that they were not depressed and were able to commit suicide when not supervised. The micro-facial gestures, however, showed their powerful feelings. The patients presented false data that occurs too frequently when people try to hide their emotions from others.
Most students have facial expressions that differ depending on their situations when analyzing nonverbal communication. They display a sense of surprise and less trust linked to their emotions when people say lies. Depending on their culture, some of the emotions are shown with specific displays. They explain how cultural differences can reveal the effects of expression. For example, some open their mouths wide when laughing as an expression of joy.

An emotion can be expressed in different forms. For example, anger is expressed in 60 variations depending on the personality, and this intensify this feeling and also the specific events where it is provoked.

2. According to the Depression writers’ project, the authors should not disclose their information to the government. This is because in the project, the researchers were charged by the government and most of the people accused were young high school students. When such a research is carried out, privacy must be observed. Some of the information should not be made available to the government. Reason being, the unpleasant consequences that may befall the researchers, and the possibility of political interference from the governing parties.

Scholars opted to adapt some of these methods of data collection and analysis because the information they obtained is so important and the government would not like it to be revealed to the public. That’s why they came up with rules and statutes against such research. But the researchers are supposed to use strategies which will enhance the sensitivity of the information needful.

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