Segregating certain social classes and groups of individuals is a common practice in society. It has a number of detrimental effects on people's quality of living in society. (Bennett, Janet, 293).

Individuals and marginalized groups endure as a result of stereotype behavior.

Since they lack access to society's essential goods and have a distinctive culture that differs from that of the rest of the population, the poor are frequently forgotten when economic decisions are made (Ponce).

Individuals who lack confidence and self-esteem retreat from social situations. Ideally, marginal communities produce children who have low self-esteem due to seclusion form the world

Additionally, they lack the will of expression in the societies

They do not perform well in social setups as well as in their daily developments

Low self-esteem hinders the identification of personal potential among individuals.

Neglected people suffer a lot of pain due emotional emptiness (Belton, Brian, 290).

They feel less human and dejected by the society

Emotional pain may cause both physical harm and psychological imbalance among the individuals.

Racial prejudice is a common aspect of gender marginalization and segregation

White feminist disgraced the role of the blacks who fought for social liberation

The blacks were tortured and humiliated in the hands of the whites

Moreover, they are deprived identity in the national agenda such as policy development within the society.

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