Maids and Widows

Chaucer recounts the tale of a destitute widow with a variety of animals. Chauntecleer, a hen that she possesses, is a skilled crowner. The dominant of the seven hens, Chauntecleer, chose Dame to be his bride because she was his favorite. Widow also maintained three cows, three large sows, a sheep named Molly, and three other animals in her compound. All of these animals gave the household goods.

According to Chaucer, the impoverished widow always had a plentiful supply of wholesome food at home. She received milk and meat specifically from the hens, lambs, and cows. The underprivileged widow is portrayed as a person who ate well in an effort to live a long and healthy life. Despite having gout, the poor widow did not let it hinder her from enjoying life. To be precise, it did not prevent her from dancing because she loved it. Despite having some headaches, she still went ahead to dance on her own. In this case, the widow can be described as a woman who followed her passions regardless of the challenges therein.

Question 4

The widow's prize rooster is named Chauntecleer. The widow loved him because of his beauty and ability to execute his duties accordingly. Chanticleer is the only animal in the yard who believes that dreams can become reality. However, his wife Pertelote declines this argument, calling him coward since she interprets dreams as meaningless visions.

Question 5

Chauntelceer is a talented cock that lacks competitors in the area. His talent is crowning, an aspect that made it impossible for him to have peers. This factor is enhanced by his voice, which is said to be merrier than a merry organ in church.

Question 6

Chauntecleer stands out as a cock that uses its instincts to determine the time to crow. He naturally knew the beginning of a new day, hence giving timely crows. Thus, Chanticleer's crowing is a unique talent that enables him to surpass all the other hens in the yard. The perfection of his instincts allowed him to lack peers amongst his fellow cocks.

Question 7

The author's description of Chauntecleer portrays the figure of a Medieval Europe kingdom based on the literature. The battlement portrays the devices that were used to shoot enemies approaching a castle (Oman). Thus, Chanticleer's description perfectly matches the ancient kingdoms of that times depicting how they were organized.

Question 8

Chauntecleer has seven paramours that he takes care of in the widow's compound. Among these seven paramours, he shows affection to Pertelote, thereby sharing his private issues with her. In this case, Chauntecleer is portrayed as a leader since he manages to communicate with seven paramours without any challenges.

Question 9

Among the seven hens, Pertelote is the fairest (Chaucer 61). Pertelote is presented as the fairest hen due to her well-colored feathers that increase the outstanding beauty. Pertelote is also discreet, courteous, and gracious. All these attributes influence Chaunticleer to direct all his love towards Pertelote.

Question 10

As portrayed by the author, both beasts and birds, have the power both to speak and sing. For example, Chauntecleer has a conversation with Pertelote regarding the outcomes of dreams. In addition, the widow loves hearing the seven hens sing because their voices were lovely. Thus, birds and beasts in the old days were thought to be able to speak and understand language as well as be talented in singing.

Works Cited

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