Logistics teaching

To attain the teaching and learning goals

Several tactics based on theories are used in teaching. Several theory-based teaching methodologies are utilized to train nurses to apply what they have learned in the actual world. Dialect learning, problem-based learning, operational training, and logistic teaching are among the tactics used. The study will compare and contrast the tactics and applications of one theory to nursing research and management, as well as nursing practice and education.

Dialect learning entails acquiring another or foreign dialect as well as accents

There is a lot of training involved in the learning process. This is because the learner learns how to speak in another or foreign language to help him or her conduct his duties well. Due to the shortages of nurses worldwide, some countries import nurses from other countries. The nurses may be posted in a community hospital where people do not understand English which is the common language many can speak. They are forced to learn the dialects and accent of the community language for them to be of great help to the people. Dialect learning enables the nurses to have a good communication with the patients and their families. This leads to the improvement of service provision in a health care center as communication is effective. Dialect learning equips nurses with more language skills improving their communication worldwide which in turn enables them to improve their service provision.

Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning is a learning process that involves working for a solution towards a problem. The learner learns how in addition to why. For the learning, a problem is identified, and the learner starts by defining the problem, use the knowledge they have to brainstorm ideas. This helps them understand the knowledge they need to have to solve the problem. The problems are usually real life situations other than the teacher based problems. The learner or participant uses critical thinking and analysis to come up with the solution of the problem. This involves the application of the problem-solving process which involves steps like problem identification, problem analysis, and generation of possible solutions, analyzing of the solutions, selection of the best solution or solutions, and planning for the next course of action as the last step.

Problem-based learning is usually of importance

Because it enables learners to apply knowledge and skills required to solve a problem. This is because the learners usually have high-level communication skills and technology literacy. The learners are also able to come up with elegant judgments due to the problem-solving skills they acquire. The learning equips the learners with the ability to work in a global community. This is due to the attitudes they acquire like flexibility and persistence. The learner also acquires technical competence in a given field. For example in a nursing field. Problem-based learning can be carried out in a classroom or outside the class like in a working place.

Operational instruction

Operational instruction involves the use of a guide or manual to help the user understand how a technical device work or how a system works or guide the user in the application of different skills in a workplace. The guide or the manual usually follows standard procedures and policies. Operation instruction is usually of importance in every field. This is because it improves the communication in a field either a learning institution, health care center or a business among others.

The procedures help in reducing training costs. This is because the procedures in the manuals are usually easy and simple to follow by the intended users. It also helps in saving time and reducing the number of mistakes and errors. This is because in an operational instruction there must be a guide or manual to refer and follow. Each time the user forgets what to do, he refers to the manual. Ensures consistency of results. As the manual or procedure is usually standard, all the intended users use the same procedures in an operation thus the results are usually the almost the same. This also leads to the quality provision in all fields because of good communication, saving time and mistakes and also the consistency of results.

Logistics teaching

The logistics teaching involves strategies which encourage self-governing, teamwork and leadership. This prepares the learners to be able to face real life situations. This is because in every field, either in learning or in a workplace, one needs to understand the importance of having self-governing principles, working as a team and understanding the leadership qualities to apply. Logistic teaching which may be conducted in a formal or informal class is of great importance in the preparation of the students on how they can apply the qualities and knowledge they have acquired in the real world.

Problem-based learning application to nursing research and management

Problem-based learning helps nurses develop skills of coming up with solutions to problems. Nursing is a field which is faced by many challenges and this is revealed in the nursing research and management. Nursing research involves conducting of study in different areas like communities, health cares, working places or learning institutions. This involves different challenges which are faced by the nurse practitioners when doing the research. Problem-based learning provides the practitioners with resilience when doing their research and also how to conduct the research.

The nurse researchers have to identify the problem first and follow the research procedures which will help them come up with a conclusion which in a way provides a solution to the problem under research. Problem-solving skills should also be one skill of a manager or leader. In nursing management, problem-based learning helps the managers of leaders to guide their co-workers and employees in solving a problem. They do this by enabling the workers to identify problems, for instance, facing the health care provision and as a group follows the problem-solving process to come up with solutions.

According to Hamdan et al, 2017, on the book Implementation of Problem-Based Learning among Nursing Students

The nursing students needs problem-solving skills which will enable them in doing their research which is part of the work in the real life. This is because it provides them with critical thinking and problem-solving skills which they apply in workplaces. Nurses work in different areas irrespective of their region, culture, race and status and thus problem-based learning helps them acquire skills which help them endure in such places.

Dialect learning application to nursing practice and education

Due to increased globalization and expanding immigration, dialect learning becomes of importance in nursing practice and education. According to Bednarz, Schim, & Doorenbos, 2010 on Cultural Diversity in Nursing Education: Perils, Pitfalls, and Pearls, embracing cultural diversity in nursing education will help meet the needs of the changing society. This is because the nurses may work in different communities or foreign countries. They are required to be conversant with the culture of the communities they serve to meet their needs. One of the aspects of culture is language. The nurses may at times be forced to take foreign language classes so that they can be able to communicate in more than one language. When they are posted in a community healthcare or working in a community, they may also be forced to understand the basic dialect and accent of that community as some of the old and young patients may not understand English. This improves healthcare service provision.


Bednarz, H., Schim, S., & Doorenbos, A. (2010). Cultural Diversity in Nursing Education: Perils, Pitfalls, and Pearls. The Journal of Nursing Education, 49(5), 253–260. http://doi.org/10.3928/01484834-20100115-02

Hamdan, A. R., Kwan, C. L., Khan, A., Ghafar, M. N. A., & Sihes, A. J. (2014). Implementation of problem based learning among nursing students. International Education Studies, 7(7), 136.

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