Legalizing Marijuana by Golden Mean Argument

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Marijuana has been commonly used for a large number of years. Marijuana has both therapeutic and recreational values, much like any other substance. Additionally, however, the drug causes adverse effects on the human body. Marijuana is used medically for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and helps to control epileptic seizures (Price et al., 2015). Tetrahydrocannabinol, also referred to as THC, is a chemical element found in cannabis that helps slow down the disease of Alzheimer’s. At the same time, aside from widely recognized ecstasy, the drug prevents the spread of cancerous cells (Volkow, Baler, Compton & Weiss, 2014). Taking into consideration the above information, it is important to develop laws and principles that regulate the use of this drug without posing a risk to the society. To elaborate the most efficient solution, the regulatory bodies responsible for the legalization of marijuana would consider the limiting of drug_x0092_s use only to health facilities like rehabilitation centers. At the same time, a specific prescription by medical experts is a necessary precondition. Hall and Weier (2017), propose that one way would be to allow its usage in various institutions where marijuana can be sold to people suffering from depressive disorders (Hall & Weier, 2017). However, this action must be done under the close supervision. The drug should then undergo processing and studying in order to determine its administration, quantity, and specific time of taking.
If people were allowed to plant marijuana for home production only, they would be limited in supplying it thus allowing only relevant users to access it (Wilkinson, Yarnell, Radhakrishnan, Ball & D’Souza, 2016). Growers should, however, register the product at relevant authoritative bodies and get licenses. Intense education should additionally be performed on how to use the medicament properly.
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