Lasswell’s definition on politics

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One who gets what he wants, when he wants it, where and how he wants it, according to Lasswell’s definition of politics. In the case of State Senator Dawnna Dukes, this can be quoted. She argued that her colleagues, that is, the media and other lawmakers, did not regard her with respect when asking if she had misused her office. Ms. Dukes said she would leave because of health problems, as her life seemed not so nice due to a car crash that seriously injured her, according to the doctor’s opinion (Walters 2).
Later, Ms. Dawnna opted not to retire and to run for another term, saying she was adequately well. In this case she knows exactly what she is doing knowing very well that she would obtain mercy or lessened judgment due to her health complications. According to Walters (2), she uses her position and health condition to manipulate others in that she can do whatever she wants in her power, that is, whether to resign or not.
There have been several charges on her, that is, serious and other lesser charges of the law. They were dropped due to lack of evidence since the evidence available was termed wrong with an argument that she would pay the state due to the lesser charges on misdemeanor. Later on, said that the attorneys paid for her since, as she claimed, they have a lot of money. Here she uses her power to get the attorney to pay her fines which seems questionable. The act seems influenced by the state representative.
She states that racism was involved in the determination of the cases and singled out Travis county attorney for attempting to convict her. With her position and health condition, she can easily get out of that conviction by seeking public mercy. This relates in the sense that, state representative Dawnna Duke also uses race to manipulate the law. This way she gains public pity but also the fact that she is African- American, she feels that decisions would have been made otherwise if it was someone else.
MS Dukes requested extra protection for herself and daughter. This was due to her suspicions about their safety and occasional attempted break-ins in their home during the investigation time. She can use her position to gain something, in this case, heightened security. On the issue of missing votes at the Capitol, she disregarded her opponents’ claims. She called on inaccuracy saying that she had been framed by the lawmakers including State Representative Donna Howard and Ceria Israel (Walters 2). In return, she obtained an apology from the State Representative Donna Howard which is all in her favor since she will, in the public eye appear to be more honest later, gaining more popularity hence more votes in the future.
Individuals, however, should be charged accordingly whether in a high position or not since the law applies to every citizen. Offenders should not be set free due to their social status. Power and politics have given most individuals ego and easily get away with any charges. Race should also not be an excuse to try gain mercy nor should it be a barrier to implementation of the law on some people since whichever race an individual is, he or she should abide by the law.

Work Cited
Walters, E. (2017, November 7). Free of criminal charges, state Rep. Dawnna Dukes says she was victimized. Retrieved from

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