Kurt Eichenwald - This Way Lies Deceit

The Paper "THIS WAY LIES DECEIT" by Kurt Eichenwald

The paper THIS WAY LIES DECEIT by Kurt Eichenwald is looking for research and report the facts that lead to the conclusion that Donald Trump is a criminal who gets in the jail rather than his opponent in the presidential contest Hillary Clinton.

Trump's Alleged Hiding of Documents

Considering records related to Trump's alleged hiding of documents that could lead to criminal charges against him, the author wants to convince the reader that truly Trump the criminal but not Hillary Clinton. At the end of this article, his criminal acts have been represented as the reason he shouldn't be entrusted with the presidency.

Author's Ambiguous Intentions

The author is not clear as to whether he seeks to bring out the criminal acts of Donald Trump as more serious compared to Hillary or he wishes to showcase the facts that make Trump untrustworthy with the presidency. A good number of incidences serving as evidence have been provided although they lack references that should lead to the source of the evidence. Further, although subheadings have been provided, as well as images and photos, they have not been arranged in a logical structure that is likely to lead to the intended conclusion. The language used is complex and the author fails to define technical terms making understanding of the article by the general audience difficult.

Highlighting Trump's Criminal Acts

By highlighting a number of criminal incidences, the author seeks to bring out the criminal acts committed by Trump. "…Donald Trump's companies have systematically destroyed or hidden thousands of emails, digital records, and paper documents demanded in official proceedings, often in defiance of court orders" (Eichenwald 28). When one considers these claims, they are left with a conclusion that Trump is a criminal who cannot lead the country of the United States with integrity.

Flaws in Article Development

Article development was done in a wrong format that was not easy to follow. The evidence to instances of crimes Trump has committed has been placed anyhow without a logical procedure. It is not easy to follow the direction of the article in an effort to reach the reasoning that the author intends to communicate. The images have been placed anywhere and their meaning is mixed up with the context of the text confusing the message.

Incongruous Images and Photos

Various images and photos have been placed in the text but in a way that contradicts the author's information. A photo of Trump has been used to portray a dreamer who sees far and possibly the right choice for America rather than a criminal as the author wants us to believe (Eichenwald 27). Another photo presents a bold and genuine Trump rather than a criminal and a careless guy not likely to lead the country (Eichenwald 29). Moreover, the author has placed another photo on page five that hails the mighty and powerful of Trump as a rich person.

Discrepancy Between Text and Images

A subtitle "Trump testified that Officials with his Company had Been Tossing Records into the Shredder and Garbage" is evidence that Trump is not respectful to court orders (Eichenwald 31). On the contrary, a photo of gamblers happily in a casino has been placed within this context. The audience is not likely to be convinced by the photo to believe the defiance of Trump to court orders.Placing an image that says, Hillary for Prison, confuses the intention of the author since the information in the context is explaining a case in which Trump and his company hid and destroyed email and records involving the real estate developer Cordish Cos (Eichenwald 32). It is expected that the author would have placed an image of court orders that Trump received but failed to honor. The image, therefore, fails to fulfill the purpose it was intended. Further, the image of Trump great again and Hillary seen behind bars hail Trump and downplay Clinton which is contrary to what the author wants to communicate (Eichenwald 33).

The Need for Credible Sources

The facts that have been provided to prove that Trump is a bigger criminal than Clinton are sensitive requiring credible sources. The information in support of the facts ought to have been acquired from reliable sources. The author ought to have taken time to define the technical terms like plaintiff, expedition, litigation, affidavit among others to make the understanding of the article easy to the general audience. Again, the author ought to have researched the sources of the information and listed them below the text to alleviate any doubts that may arise.


In conclusion, it is evident that the author did not follow to satisfy the guidelines of writing an argument essay. The Author has failed to follow a logical easy to follow format, has failed to place photos and images in the wrong context, and has not brought out a sensible comparison between the crimes committed by Trump and Clinton. These fallouts made the understanding of the real message complicated with instances of stray directives when images were placed in the wrong context. It was not easy for the common citizen to understand the legal language that dominated the article.

Work Cited

Eichenwald, Kurt. “THIS WAY LIES DECEIT.” Newsweek, 2016, pp. 27-33.

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