Kit on Anger Control

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Adults are encouraged to successfully control stress by stress management programs in ways that are safe, such as yoga, as well as coping methods, and so on. Research has found that in one direction or the other, approximately 78 percent of persons in the United States go through stress. Employees will need to find solutions that minimize stress for companies to prevent suffering from market effects such as diminished productivity (Weber 31).
Figure 1: Stress Management Program
Exercise for 30 mins daily before embarking on daily activities
Listen to Soft music or watch a movie after meals
Read inspiring stories daily
Meditate daily
Get to bed by 10 pm and sleep for at least 8 hours

Remember to laugh

Research solutions to the challenges faced

Pray every morning

Eat meals which are nourishing and simple

Practice forgiveness

Be grateful always

Twice a day, take herbal adaptogens

Receive massage after work

Before every meal and during bedtime, take 5 slow gentle breaths

At least do one Emotional Freedom Technique daily


One will make good progress if all the activities are addressed. The mental column tends lenience, whereas the emotional column deals with the flow of energy as well as blockages. Besides, the spiritual column is more subjective. One is supposed to note the actions performed on a daily basis, to make good progress. The results might be looked on a weekly basis to assess, modify, as well as revise the program.

Work Cited

Weber, H. “Stress management programs.” (2002).

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