kate chopin's The story of an hour

The short plot The Story of An Hour employs verbal ambiguity, in which the characters' words have contradictory underlying interpretations. A good example is when we are told, "It is an honor to be Mila's mate." (Kate Chopin) Mila, on the other hand, much of the time deceives other characters and sometimes humiliates them. Dramatic irony, on the other hand, occurs where the reader learns better than the characters of the novel. "Upon the rapist, I invoke this curse- whether he is one man and all unseen," says the narrator. (Kate Chopin) In this scenario, we see Mrs. Mallard die of despair while other characters think she was contented. Regarding imagery, the author uses a simile by making a comparison between things that are not closely likened. In particular, he asserts that “Ice’s heart is as cold as ice.” (Chopin, Kate). Moreover, there is the use of personification by attributing human traits to non-human stuff. The narrator mentions "The city never sleeps" which evidently describes a human condition but done by a non-human feature. There is also onomatopoeia where the narrator claims that "The fireworks lit the sky with a loud bang." (Chopin, Kate). Lastly, there is symbolism in The Story of an Hour where incidents, words, people, or places having a different meaning refer back to a given occurrence or function. Specifically, the "open window" used in the story symbolizes a new perspective to life while the "overlapping clouds" serve as a symbol of the pressures of the society exerted on the women. The author also symbolizes the beginning of a new life by claiming that there will be the "coming of spring." (Chopin, Kate).

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

In the poem, The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost makes it evident that the speaker hesitates in the process of the journey. The primary reason for this could be due to the need to decide on which of the divergent paths he should possibly follow. Important to note is that the speaker knows that taking one path will result in regret afterward for not taking the other. He asserts that "And sorry I could not travel both." (Frost, Robert). Despite seeing one of the paths preferable, he concludes that the two seem equivalent. Therefore, taking the hard stance of which road to take makes the speaker take a while in the woods but ultimately rests on the thought that he will take one and return later to pursue the direction of the other. The title of the poem, The Road Not Taken, refers to the opportunities we lose in the course of our lives. In particular, comparing different situations, we are in we realize at one moment "one is grassier," and in the next minute they both look the same "covered with fresh leaves." (Frost, Robert). Important to note is that the season at the time was autumn, but both paths were not in severe conditions. However, only the future could tell the conditions of these roads. On the other hand, the speaker finally decides to take one while abandoning the other. Metaphorically, the choice of the route taken and not taken reflect on the decisions we make in life. Thus, choosing the title "The Road Not Taken" hints that Robert Frost was focusing on lost opportunities.

Trifles by Susan Glaspell

In the play, Trifles, the author narrates the dilemma Minnie undergoes in her village while being in a marriage with John. Important to note is that Minnie opts to kill her husband owing to her becoming insane. The reason why Minnie wants to kill her husband is that he breaks the neck her canary. The symbolism used in naming the characters reveals how the legal structures in the society have failed to integrate women. In particular, Minnie is given a name which brings out her shrinking woman identity. On the other hand, her husband, John Wright, dictates what goes on in the life of Minnie as he considers himself right. Mrs. Hale claims that "She used to sing. He killed that, too." (Glaspell, Susan). For this reason, it is clear that he has intentionally changed the domestic sphere of his wife into a prison. Besides dominating her life with his script, John Wright proceeds to deny her funds that would enable her to acquire decent clothing. The choice of the title Trifle reveals the kind of patriarchy that exists in the society from a woman’s point of view. Therefore, the trivialities only come to manifest themselves where women seem to be the perpetrators and not the men. Susan Glaspell taking the standpoint of a woman reveals how Mr. Henderson, the Attorney, and Mr. Peters, the Sheriff fail to consider some of the crucial details in the process of exercising justice. However, Glaspell claims that "the truth could be perceived in different ways and not always logically." (Glaspell, Susan). For this matter, it becomes evident that the concept of the justice system has its flaws since it fails to represent all individuals (both male and female) fully.

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