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It’s not done ’til it’s over is a commonly used expression that depicts a challenge when people are going through difficult times. In the latest US presidential race, Donald J. Trump was said to have never won while his challenger, Hillary Clinton, was denoted as a clear winner by a variety of media outlets and a number of election pollsters. In his terms, Trump argued that he is what he is and that he will continue to fight to be president at the end of the day. Despite the pollsters and the media portraying Trump as the favorite, the world was surprised when it was actually revealed that Trump had won the presidential election. Similarly, after the votes were cast, the electioneering process moved to an advanced stage of the college votes where Trump thrashed Clinton. Irrespective of the political standing of Hillary Clinton, Trump outdid her in the college votes. This aspect confirms that were it not for the perseverance of Donald, his opponent could have carried the day. In this regard, one should not give up until everything is confirmed.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Nature provides that fruits have a nutritive value and have the potential to keep a doctor away. Pharmacists do not package fruits as supplements; however, they have augmented benefits since they provide antioxidants to neutralize increased levels of toxicity. Accordingly, plant chemicals mostly recognized as phytochemicals are often found in apple skins and act as antioxidant and anticancer properties.

Cancer has been mayhem in the current world leading to increased deaths both in the developed and developing worlds. Apple extracts have been denoted as potentially offering alternatives towards treating colon cancer. In this case, it is important to ascertain that an apple a day will certainly keep the doctor away. Consuming fruits including the apples will contribute to increased health benefits and keep the doctor away.

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