Increased Minimum Wage Will Benefit Teenagers Under 21

The Importance of Minimum Wages

The minimal compensation that an employer must give wage earners for the work completed during a specific time period is known as a minimum wage. It is important to note that neither a collective bargaining agreement nor a personal contract may lower the wage. The payments may be determined by law, judgment, or by tribunals or industrial courts. (Burke et al. 661) The protection of employees from excessively low pay is the main goal of these minimum wages. In other words, they contribute to ensuring that everyone receives a fair and just share of an organization's success. In many nations such as New York, these minimum wages are used as one element of the policies that are aimed at eradicating poverty and reducing the sense of inequality in the nation (Allergretto et al. 560)

The Need for Increasing Minimum Wages for Teenagers

My short speech outlines the importance of increasing these wages among the teenagers under the age of 21 years. First, the increase will be in line with the ever rising cost of living. Teenagers who are under the age of 21 have various aspects they need to meet. In fact, it will be unfair to them if their wages are not increasing yet the cost of living to keep on rising. How will these young and women, who want to settle in life, sharpen their brains and meet their family needs if at all their wages are the same year after year (Dinkelman, Taryn, and Vimal 34)

The History and Implementation of Minimum Wages

Initially, minimum wages covered relatively few categories of workers and sought to protect those who were considered to be vulnerable. New Zealand was the first nation to implement a minimum wage in the year 1894. Australia and United Kingdom then implemented their minimum wages in the year 1896 and 1909 respectively. According to the latest budget in the nation, the minimum wage was applied to a statewide of $15 plan. The increase ought to consider young men and women in the society aged less than 21 years.

Ensuring a Better Future for Youth

In conclusion, the aspect of increasing the minimum wages will help the teenagers under the age of twenty-one years. The element is due to the fact that most employers exploit these young men and women as they are young (Neurmar, Salas, & Wascher 640). Increasing their wages will guarantee them a good life as well as reduce their chances of risking with dangerous activities such as stealing. Therefore the law needs to be implemented such that the youth will be considered before these bills are passed in the parliament. Also, these young men and women are citizens and voters as their parents do, thus why should they be discriminated when these minimum wages bills are being implemented into law (Hirsch, Kaufman, & Zelenska 201)

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