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The food industry is faced with the need to implement and follow the standards of new technical advances. Any of the existing grocery stores provide home delivery options to their clients. Home delivery service has increasingly become common practice in the food industry. Our company is also looking to find a way to improve the new distribution system as a way of surpassing its rivals offering comparable services. The new technology that will be merged into the existing home delivery service is the in-fridge delivery service. There is hope that with this new service the organization will be in a position of giving customers a more continent on through which they can receive packages even when they are not home. The new service that is anticipated to create new customer satisfaction level within the grocery industry will require a new partnership with smart lock maker, August. Through the partnership, with the smart lock maker company, my organization’s customers will be required to install smart locks to facilitate the delivery of their orders inside their house, including leaving groceries in the fridge.

Any customer is willing to use this new service to have their groceries delivered in their fridge even when they are not at home they will have to install smart lock as a way of guaranteeing their house safety. A customer will then place orders from the company’s website, which will be later be sent out via a Deliv driver. Once the delivery driver reaches the customer’s destination, they will first check to seek if anyone is home. If they do not get an answer, the driver will be issued with a one-time use code that will grant them access to the house and drop off the customer’s packages. The homeowner pre-authorizes the one-time use code issued to the driver. For security purposes, the house will be required to be fitted with security cameras through which the homeowner could remotely monitor every movement that the driver makes in the house. The homeowner will need to have installed the August app in their cellphones to help monitor every moment of the delivery as it takes place in real-time. Once the delivery agent is done with the process, the homeowner receives a notification that the front door has been automatically locked.

The in-fridge delivery system could be viewed a natural evolution that is in line with the organization’s mission to help customers save not only money but time. It would be difficult to argue with convenience benefits associated with the new service of having groceries delivered to a customer home, and having them unpacked and ready for them when they get home.

The in-fridge delivery service targets those individuals who are quite busy due to work commitments leaving them with no time to shop for groceries. The new service will not only help in the delivery of groceries to the customers but will also unpack and put them in the fridge making it easy for the customers to shop, hence saving time and money. Networking and community involvement strategies will be used to approach the target audience, to help support and promote the service. Through the use of this approach, the organization will have the ability to establish new contacts and influence potential customers by either taking part in trade shows, meetings, and communal events. Talking to people about the new service will be done as a way of reaching out to the audience and promoting the in-fridge home service delivery.

To establish the credibility of the program, that is a new service; the company will conduct a test with a small number of August customers within the city. The main aim of the test will be to identify some of the areas that might require improvements to perfect the service. Another way through which the organization will assure the credulity of the program is the fact that it will form a partnership with August smart Lock Company. The company is known for its works, hence forming a partnership would help guarantee credibility of the program. My organization is sure and confident of what it intends to do. Therefore, the organization will establish itself as an authority in the grocery industry and market. Social media, blogging, reviews and customer testimonials will be utilized as a way of setting up an authoritative entity. Another way through which credibility will be established will be through honesty and transparency. These two elements are pivotal in the building of trust for the organizations brand and service. Big brands are known for their openness and honesty nature with their customers about the certain unfavorable situation, which eventually brings about positivity. Social proof is an effective way through which the organization could establish the credibility of the new service in the market. Customers are the only individuals in any business who can show that a company is trustworthy. The use of social media platform in the organization, presents a perfect opportunity to engage either the current or potential customers. Those people that will be engaging the company via social media will receive responses quickly. The organization will regularly and properly use social media for purposes of engaging customers. The organization will make sure that it delivers its promises as a way of establishing credibility.

The most appropriate channel for delivering the message about the new service to the organization’s customers would be through the use of electronic media. Through the use of electronic media the organization will be able to combine numerous media such as text, graphics, video, and sound in a single message (Ahlers, 2006). The result is a meaningful communication channel tailored to the nature of the target audience. Moreover, through the use this channel, the audience will be actively engaged, since it is a two-way communication. Electronic media channel makes it possible to transmit and receive a large amount of information quickly from different people across the world. The easy and quick delivery of information changes the way activists, for instance, can galvanize communities and change public opinion. It will help change the sources and depth of the organization’s customer’s knowledge levels. Consequently, it will make it easy for the customers to reach the organization with new kinds of communications they may have never used (Pringle, & Starr, 2013).


Ahlers, D. (2006). News consumption and the new electronic media. Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, 11(1), 29-52.

Pringle, P., & Starr, M. F. (2013). Electronic Media Management, Revised. Taylor & Francis.

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