Impact of e-Commerce B2C Model on Retail Business

This research seeks to examine the impact of e-commerce B2C model on various businesses and industries. In the contemporary corporate environment, companies are adopting the e-commerce model due to the increase in the rate of internet usage by consumers. However, this model is not fully embraced in regions such as Singapore,...

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Role of Visual Merchandising in Retail Market

In the recent years, scholars noted increased role and power of the visual merchandising on consumer behaviour pertaining to luxury purchases in the retail market. According to Diamond Alijosiene 2015). The notion of the visual merchandising is closely connected by scholars with impulse purchasing (Khakimdjanova Park...

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The Role of Conflict Theory in Retail Business

According to Vassil, Eamets, and Motsmees (2014) model states that daily operations of an organization lead to differences in productivity, opportunities for promotion and payments. The model explains how labor markets work to disadvantaged people. In the internal labor markets, employers hire workers from outside or use internal workforces based...

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The Influence of Online Shopping on Consumer Behaviour in the UK

Online shopping is an electronic commerce that enables a customer to directly buy goods and service from a seller over the internet using a web browser (Young, Hwang, McDonald Oates, 2010). Once the goods are purchased they can be delivered through drop shipping, in-store pickup, and shipping. Online...

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The Product, Distribution, Price and Promotion Strategy of REI and Its Competitor, LL Bean

Due to the introduction of technology in businesses, it is crucial for retailers to be innovative to meet the demand of many customers. The retailers should also integrate marketing strategies that add in keeping the success of their firms. This paper compares the product, distribution, price and promotion strategies of...

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Comparison Between Online Shopping and Traditional Shopping Malls

The Technological Advancement and Online Shopping The technological advancement seen in the 21st century has changed the world into a global village. The availability of technologies like the internet has altered lifestyle a great deal and today everything can now be done via online and shopping is not an exception. The...

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Valuation methods and shareholder value creation

Sainsbury's, the UK's second largest supermarket, controls 16.9% of the market (Sainsbury Annual Reports 2016). The company is involved in grocery and related retention efforts. In terms of profitability, the company has experienced ups and downs for the last 10 years. In 2008, the company had £329 GBP million in...

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Flow chart on purchase of company items

The Process of Refilling within a Corporation The diagram above depicts the process of refilling simple things such as stationary within a corporation. This procedure starts with determining the necessary components, and then lists of articles are provided to the manager for approval. If the manager does not approve the list,...

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Timberland Corporation

Timberland Corporation's Growth and Impact on Logistics and Supply Chain Management Timberland Corporation has experienced tremendous growth during the 1970s, which has had a substantial impact on its logistics and supply chain management systems. As the company expanded into international markets, its once simple supply chain management and logistics systems proved...

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An American grocery stores chain Trader Joe

Trader Joe's is a privately held American grocery store business headquartered in Monrovia, California. The name of the company comes from its founder, Joseph Joe Coulombe, who launched it in 1958. Once 7-Eleven, a competitor to Pronto Markets, entered the market in 1967, the company that was originally known as...

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Description of the Meal Journaling

I had Lemon Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, and Snap Peas for Dinner I had lemon chicken, sweet potatoes, and snap peas for dinner last Sunday, and it was both healthful and delectable. I made a commitment to eat healthily this year and keep a healthy weight, so I have been very careful...

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The Omnivore's Dilemma Book

One of the many American stores that focuses on providing food without preservatives, sugars, or even hydrogenated fats is Whole Foods. The first supermarket in America with permission to sell organic foods that abide by the "National Organic Program" requirements and guarantee the organic honesty of a variety of foods...

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