The history of shopping malls

With increasing need for shopping facilities around the wall, shopping centers didn’t appear until early 19th century with development of such in the United States coming in the late 19th century with the first shopping mall located in Lake Forest, Illinois. Rio in Montgomery is not left out in having a history of family and friend entertainment while also having a high value for leading economic growth in the region.
History of shopping malls
WIth time, there was an increased neeed to develop the available shopping facilities in many parts of the world. Most of the older shopping complexes were developed in the 19 century. In the United States, they first developed in the late 19th century after the completion of the World War I. In this research task, it will try to view the development in this sector through the view of the Redland Area. The Lake Forest Mall located near Chicago was the first shopping mall that was opened in America though it was not enclosed initially. In 1956, there was the introduction of the first enclosed mall that is the Southdale in Edina, Minnesota near Minneapolis. Due to this, Southdale has been referred to as the first modern shopping mall in the world.
The development of the shopping malls and centers were aimed to be the places that individuals would be able to come together for the common good such as shopping, social and cultural interactions. The development of the malls over the years has been able to be possible through the idea that of the migration of the population to the various regions. It has also encompasses on the extensive utilization of the various automobiles. There has been tremendous change over the years with the change in the various ways. One of the ways is through the end to the idea of the construction of the competing large malls to the construction of the malls with the great landscape in order to attract individuals to shop in the complexes. The reason has been due to the fact that individuals in the modern day mostly shop their goods online.
The American culture has been encouraged where the malls are taken to be a symbol of American culture as well as experience. Individuals would prefer to go to a one stop mall than to shop in the local stores. Over the years, there has been the movement of the shopping malls from the center of the towns to the suburbs. The reason was that the various developers found it effective to move the location for the convenience of the various individuals. Other nations were able to follow suit through the construction of the malls in their own nations.
Basic information of Rio
The official and formal name of the landmark is the RIO Washingtonian Center mostly referred to as Rio. The establishment is an open air shopping mall located in the lakefront with various entertainment centers. It is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland where it has been surrounded by several offices, houses as well as condominiums. The developer of the location is Sam Eig who was the initially owner of the land and responsible for the initial construction of the Washingtonian Golf Course and Motel. The building has gone through various changes with the initial building constructed in the late 1980s and additional building occurring in 1998 to accommodate the shops and restaurants. The building houses restaurants, hotels, residential buildings, retail stores, small lake, theater and a trail.
Landmark value and importance
In order to be able to get the true attitude that the people have towards the establishment, interviews of individuals were able to be carried out to get the true reflection of the matter. Various individuals would talk of the popularity of the building around the region, others on the expansion of the building over time to accommodate business centers, restaurants and apartments. Other expressed the way in which people are able to meet up at the location during the weekend and how individuals entertain themselves in the location during the weekend. Personally, Rio has been able to be the main attracting feature in the Montgomery County. It houses some of the best shopping malls and entertainment joints in the region. The reason to the choosing of Rio is due to the fact that it is my favorite location to visit where together as a family, we go to the various entertainment centers and the restaurants. I have been able to create various memories from the locations with family and friends.
RIO Washingtonian Center has been able to be one of the best locations for the local people living in the neighborhood through its one stop nature. Rio, like other malls, has been able to attract various visitors from various walk of live as a one stop shopping destination. In consideration of the current growth, RIO promises to be in the locality for such a long time.

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