Identification Based on Racial, Ethnic, or Cultural Differences Is Important

People in a nation have been identified over the years based on their race, culture, religion, or ethnic groups. Similar to this, the same pattern continues in present times. Identification based on various differences is extremely important for maintaining a community’s culture and origins. Therefore, identity-based diversity in society is important since it is a trend, helps preserve identity, and serves as a foundation for discrimination in today’s society.
Additionally, identification based on community differences is crucial for maintaining the identity and culture of various racial and ethnic groups. For example, the aboriginals of Canada are identified based on race which has enabled them to maintain their identity and culture even up to date. Similarly, people prefer being recognized based on their race to prevent the disappearance of their ethnicity and race.

Similarly, identities based on race serve a vital role in discrimination acts in the current society. For instance, racial discrimination is a common challenge affecting many countries across the world. Historically, the whites discriminated the blacks due to their color since the colonization period. For example, countries such as America discriminate people according to their races and ethnicities. The blacks are highly segregated especially when it comes to job placement. Henceforth, identity-based on race play a role in discriminating some people in the country.

Finally, identification based on ethnicity is essential as it aids in the claim of identity and origin. For instance, individuals of a country belong to various ethnicities, and each has unique characteristics. Through such unique identification, individuals gain pride, love, and sense of identity in a particular group or nation.


In conclusion, identities based on differences in religion, race, ethnicity or culture play significant roles in preserving culture and identity of different groups of people in the society. Additionally, the identification aids in claiming origin and identity of various groups of people.

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