Human Resource Management and The employment sector

The Employment Sector and its Components

The employment sector is a system that integrates human resource management, accounting, and other components that work as a unit to achieve the organization's goals. Many studies have since investigated the relationship between an organization's many departments, broadening our understanding of the workplace. Alan Fox, a writer, is one such academic who outlines a framework for comprehending the job relationship. Considering the issues that Alan Fox presents, it is affirmed that he understanding of the employment sector is founded on the ability to integrate the legal framework, the industrial world, the talent of the workers in a productive manner for longer sustainability of the business.

Recruitment and Strategies in the Employment Sector

The employment sector is conceptualized in the context of recruitment that meet the needs of the organization. The primary consideration according to the author is the need for talent and making use of it for the profitability of the firm. However, Fox outlines various internal and external strategies that can be used in the process even though both approaches have unique benefits and setbacks (Fox n.d.). The internal and external worlds in the context of the business operation are key in the understanding of the legal issues, the government laws, economic changes, market trends and consumer demands. All these factors enable the leader to shift the business plan to best address the stated factors in a bid to stay competitive and ensure that the organizational goals are met (Fox n.d.).

Effective Planning and Strategic Alignment

The author also underscores the need for effective planning in diverse environment with the goal of streamlining operation in the corporate world. Thorough the use of strategic alignment, it is possible for the employers to identify the potentials in the team and work better with the members (Fox n.d.). It is a preferred approach in the human resource planning process that can help the manager in understanding the position of the workers and better integrate the goals to the organization. The relationship is thus better understood and can help in conceptualizing the broader perspective of the business operations (Fox n.d.).

The Relationship between Business Operations and the Law

The relationship between the business operations and the law is another important approach that can be taken in the understanding of the work plan in the organization and help define the employment relationship. Fox believes that by exploring the issues that are pertinent in the context of the law, it is possible for the organization to align its goals to better suit the needs of the business environment (Fox n.d.). It would thus mean that not only will investors find is plausible to cooperate with an organization that takes its external environment seriously but it also increases the brand in the competitive world setting. It is, therefore, affirmed that the approach presented by Fox is relevant in an effort to understand the employment relationships (Fox n.d.).

Establishing Binding Agreements for Efficient Workplace Relations

Fox also believe that it is essential to establish a binding agreement that is founded on mutual goals between the HRM and the industrial world. The trade unions and collective groups work together with the collective groups and establish efficient workplace relations (Fox n.d.). It is especially important in understanding the external world that affects the business. It is especially important for gaining a better conceptualization of the global changes that are taking place in the workplace and which would be essential in implementing changes. It also helps in responding to issues of urgency in the external environment and that affect others in negative way (Fox n.d.). It would thus mean that he business is mindful of the rest of the population in the process of realizing its own organizational goals

Preferred Reporting Techniques and Sustainability in Accounting

The most preferred technique that the author advocates for is the Global Reporting Initiative and Integrated Reporting. In fact, they are presented programs that work as strategic partners that share the goal of corporate reporting that involves the alignment to the corporate reporting frameworks (Cali 2010). The outcome is that there is an improvement in the effeicncy in the corporate practices (Fox n.d.). The complimentary roles underscore their respective roles and it is on the basis of sustainability. It is, therefore, to outline that GRI and IR are the most critical reporting techniques for accounting. However, many professionals tend to struggle with the preferred reporting method. Some of the organization tend to take preference for the IR approach while other prefer using the GRI technique. However, there are other cases where the use of both is preferred which requires that accounting students in future have to learn on how they ca use both approaches. In fact, accountants cannot afford to ignore any of these methods or rely on just one approach as the reporting techniques could end up being insignificant in the future. Thus, considering that there is inconstant pressure from stakeholders, it is imperative that the stakeholders and the society consider the need for flexibility in the implementation of accounting techniques.



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