How podcasts can help traditional messages

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How Podcasts may replace conventional messages Examples
A podcast is an episode of digital audio files, which customers may subscribe to to access new episodes that can be downloaded to their electronic devices such as personal computers, smartphones or video players through web-based syndication. The podcast is a fast-growing sending medium in the business world; there are many examples of how the system can substitute conventional message formats. Three pf instances will be discussed.
One approach is the selling of corporate content. In addition to people who believe in it, staff and business people, Podcasts build brand followers. When a prospective client listens to the message from a podcaster, they establish themselves as leaders of ideas (Bovee, & Thill, 2010). The frequency of listening to the message can convince the listener of the effectiveness of its content; it is, therefore, a good strategy of doing corporate marketing.

Another example is that podcast can serve as a promotional vessel for an upcoming function. Due to a large number of subscribers, podcasts serve as a good channel for promoting an upcoming event (Bovee, & Thill, 2010). It is efficient to the business world since the message can reach a large population cheaply. The audio episodes are downloaded automatically, meaning that one has no choice but to listen to them.

The other example is the diversity of the content in the podcast. Times are changing, and corporates must devise strategies that will enable them to cope with the change. The content of the podcast is quite different from other communication techniques and formats (Bovee, & Thill, 2010). The change in the content of the message gives the prospective customers a new feel in communication. The three examples can prove that podcast is taking over from other traditional message formats used in the business world.


Bovee, C. & Thill, J. (2010). Business Communication Today (1st ed). Upper Saddle River, N.J. Prentice Hall

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