How hostility is related to increased heart disease

As a personality trait, hostility When compared to other demographics, conduct is a stronger predictor of coronary heart disease in older men. When compared to any other risk group, hostility in older men predicts the risk of heart disease. There is a substantial amount of evidence supporting the hypothesis that antagonism is a risk factor for heart disease. A recent literature review found a link between the two via structured interview risk factor indicators. After controlling for other risk variables associated with coronary heart disease, antagonism scores were found to be predictive in the study.  Another explanation relies on the fact that hostility is a multidimensional construct and only parts of hostility might be prone to coronary heart disease. For example, a particular study conducted by Siegman in 1987 concluded that hostility associated with anger positively contributes to the severity of Coronary Artery Disease (Erin, 2011). In confirmation of the same, studies by studies by Mendes de Leon proved that hostility has a positive correlation with both coronary artery disease and cardiovascular heart disease. According to the studies, both experiences of hostility and anger-hostility contribute to the heart diseases.

In addition to the above, a recent study by Miller established undergraduates with low and high expressive hostility groups to be showing different cardiovascular responses. At the moment, it is already confirmed that there is a closer link between hostility and coronary artery disease. It has also been proposed that response to cardiovascular is due to effective states. According to the 1996 paper by Miller, hostility group subjected to interpersonal stress potentially increases cardiovascular response (Erin, 2011).


Erin Wigger. (2011). Hostility and Coronary Heart Disease. Retrieved on 21 Oct, 2017


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