Hot News-Bullfighter Involved in a Steamy Love Triangle

The famous and popular bullfighter takes the bulls by the horns and becomes entangled in a sizzling love triangle, making this season's fiesta extra hotter. Most of you are surely aware of this fighter's enormous renown and popularity. Yet, you may be unaware of the movements and skills he employs outside of the arena with the many tomatoes that cross his way. Don't even get me started on the insurmountable chores he can perform both inside and outside the ring with a sizable selection of calico. You just have to ankle yourself to the ring to get a glimpse of this refined youthful piece of finesse as he masterfully and craftily works his magic in sheer finesses like never witnessed before. He is the outright culmination of skills and sensuality in this game of bullfighting and women nabbing. Well, you may be wondering whom am talking about. This bit may be reserved for new gossip readers who are not familiar with Pamplona’s pompous action of bullfighting, and the cake eater who drives the crowd wild with his wizardry titbits that no bull can ever match or hope to stand in the way. For our routine readers and lovers of action, the story is going to be even juicier as you get a glimpse of all those involved.

Pedro Romero has built a huge image around himself off late. The young man, who is apparently graduating from teenhood, already sets the crowd ablaze with his slightly reserved, calm, confident, and extracautious action as he tackles a bull. His calmness is so equivocal that sometimes the silence that drops as the bull rushes closer makes the whole action theatrically staged instead of the commonly perceived natural flow articulated by other fighters. He never makes any contortions: his are straight and natural movements that leaves the audience perplexed and shouting wildly at his finesse. The darb is almost magical. He always quietly and calmly allows the horns to pass near him as he gracefully and spiritually locks his hands around them to initiate one of the most challenging view ever recorded in the bullfighting history. The hotsy-totsy moves create mythic illusions of a superhuman figure.

With fame and popularity come a host of other issues. Girls and older women have been throwing themselves at the sensual fighter but it looks like they were unsuccessful to break the purity resident within. But wait a minute. Pamplona just got itself a new arrival- a choice of calico of English descent. Rumor has it that the Englishwoman is a tomato to many. They call her Lady Brett Ashley. They say she has the magic to attract men and it does not matter whether you like her or not, you find yourself swimming in the current towards her lake. So came Lady Ashley, for the first time to witness the bullfight. The spectators closer to her rumored that she felt a bit bored when she arrived at the arena. Nonetheless, things got fired up when Romero’s image swept past her eyes. She is reportedly seen to be raising her neck to catch a better view, despite her modestly tall Aristocratic figure. One witness reportedly says that the moment she stood on her toes for a better view, her gaze interlocked with that of Romero, and a strong bond ensued to the extent Romero almost lost his balance in the bullfight, had it not been the spectators’ shrieks.

Unbeknown to Romero, Lady Brett Ashely was besides Jake Barnes and Robert Cohn during that romantic expose. Interestingly, Jake had professed his love for Lady Brett and the feeling was mutual. However, sources closer to the former love birds indicate that Jake has unusual sexuality, given his previous involvement in war that inflicted an injury to his manhood. Theirs is only a platonic relationship. It is a pity that he only ends up following her wherever she goes in supposed connotation of protection from unknown occurrences. Talk of true love even in the face of betrayal.

The buck does not stop there. The same sources that hint the romantic engagement between Jake and Lady Brett articulate the amorous affair between her and Robert Cohn, a close friend to Jake. The two apparently became involved in Paris when Robert was having difficulties with the incessant demands of his estranged wife Frances. What a convenient way to tag along into Lady Brett’s life?

It is common knowledge that Lady Brett is not a one-man woman. Behind that gorgeous aristocratic figure and boy-like hair, lurks a list of male lovers, former and present. You only have to possess a keen eye and an attentive ear to get the full flow of the juice. Credible sources have intimated to us that Lady Brent, apart from being romantically engaged with Jake and Cohn, has multiple affairs with other men. Mike Campbell is the current fiancée, while Lord Ashley is the former husband who is yet to be divorced. Despite these former and current lovers, Lady Brett intends to be Romero’s sheba, and wants a piece of him too. Isn’t she the reincarnation of the great female freedom that just became pronounced recently? She has ultimately become the alter-ego of male womanizing tendencies.

We learnt that immediately after the bullfight, Lady Brett started enquiring about the youthful and daring fighter. It did not occur to her that she shared the same hotel with the young man. Given that the circumstances could not allow her to meet him in the open because of his many fans, she resolved to go to her hotel, accompanied by Jake. Upon reaching their hotel, Lady Brett was surprised to see Romero. Sources within the hotel say that she winked at Jake, who responded by bolting into the hotel. The pair then headed to Lady Brett’s hotel room where a mix of steamy romance and action followed later. It is rumored that while the pair were romantically entangled, Robert Cohen appeared from nowhere. He had earlier separated from Jake and Ashley to greet a few acquaintances after the game.

However, finding no one, he headed straight to the hotel to share a couple of romantic engagements with the lady of the hour. Cohen had no problem going straight to her room because Jake was aware of their escapades. Drama unfolded as Robert found Romero juicily engaged with Lady Brett. Our sources confirm that he descended on the young fighter with kicks and blows, aloof to the lady’s cries for help. Jake was the first to arrive, and attempting to remove Robert from Romero, he received a kick that sent him across the room. It appears that he may have dislocated his arm in the process. The hotel owner swooped into the room with a couple of security personnel who disentangled Robert and sent him packing. The hot and steamy part is that Romero went ahead to win the following day’s bullfight, and later eloped with Lady Brett to Madrid. In her classic taste and dump fashion, she left Romero and became reunited with Jake in rather odd circumstances. There you have it people; the juice as it flowed right from the beginning.

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