Essays on Types of Love

Hot News-Bullfighter Involved in a Steamy Love Triangle

The famous and popular bullfighter takes the bulls by the horns and becomes entangled in a sizzling love triangle, making this season's fiesta extra hotter. Most of you are surely aware of this fighter's enormous renown and popularity. Yet, you may be unaware of the movements and skills he employs...

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What Exactly Is Love?

The topic of types of love often starts a conversation about it. The claim implies that some philosophers can oppose the essence of love by arguing that love is logically illogical. This means that love can never be adequately represented or expressed by a rational proposition. For such critics, love...

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Human Development

Self-love was associated with selfishness in the classical era, but in modern times, psychologists insist that inspiration and increased self-esteem springs from self-love and encourages mental health in the long run. One of the key attributes of persons that have achieved the level of self-actualization is self-love, such as high...

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