Home Sweet Home is an award-winning short animated high-definition film that was released on December 27, 2014. It is about a house that breaks free from its local foundations and embarks on an exciting journey. The film was directed by the talented Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Stephane Paccolat, and Romain Mazevet. It was created in 2013 during the final year of study at Supinfocom Arles School of Digital Making. The film is approximately ten minutes long, and it took a year to create this 3D film. The film follows the adventures of a house on a journey as they travel across the country, while also highlighting the characters’ emotions (Lindenberger, 2014).
Biggest festivals in the world started to screen this movie. In 2014, Supinfocom animation had entertained and charmed audiences wherever it played. Created with a stunning 3D visual style and a very capturing narrative, the film is so captivating to the audiences. The Supinfocom brand produces an animation of the highest quality and the directors just created the most impressive short film so far. The synopsis is the story of a house which escapes from its local foundations and begins an epic journey. The film tackles the themes of death, friendship, and traveling in its 10 minutes duration.

Home Sweet Home puts together the elements of a road trip. This movie is set in a universe where human beings are not seen or perhaps they do not exist (Lindenberger, 2014). The film team does a marvelous job of connecting emotion and personality to their four characters. It brings out the concept of the American housing crisis thus Home Sweet Home is a short movie that the whole family could enjoy. Because the main characters are houses and non-existent dialogue, the audience sticks to visual storytelling as opposed to exposition and thus this cuts the move down into visuals, music, and sound. The end of the film shows that the journey can become one of survival and that one can lose our loved ones but still just carry on with their memories.

The storyline has some touching moments and amazingly well-rounded characters. The story remains well thought of, and its actions so pleasant enabling one to see how the characters have been developed. The rendering and texturing are so phenomenal and pleasing (Lindenberger, 2014). The personality of the character is well suited, and the scenery strikingly well lit. This story revolves around the friendship between three friends which leads to the epic journey. Successfully portrayed imagery makes it easy for everyone to understand. Overall it was thrilling and amazing to watch this film, and it is recommended to others to watch too. This movie is very engaging and heart-warming. Within the 10 minutes of this film, it covers successfully, and I loved it.

In conclusion, Home Sweet Home is a well animated short film that calls out to the solitude to embrace that arises from traveling far away from home and the sacrifices and experiences that life brings on our doorstep. This film development style wins at the end of the day. The comedy brought out in this movie made it just more fantastic giving a chance for the viewer to feel different emotions. However, this film has its weaknesses like the limited amount of detail of the houses, and the story did not come out as I expected to make it confusing.


Lindenberger, T. (2006). Home sweet home: Desperately seeking Heimat in early DEFA films. Film History: An International Journal, 18(1), 46-58. doi:10.1353/fih.2006.0001

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