Healthcare Human Resource Management

There is an increasing demand for reliable data in current operations, which necessitates measuring the levels of productivity and accuracy of different coders within a company in order to investigate any emerging issues. As a result, the coding process is critical in addressing the demand for accurate, trustworthy, and full healthcare data. In most circumstances, accurate and compliant ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-PCS, ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Level II coding is dependent on a number of components (Prophet, 1998).

The facility's compliance criteria require a coding accuracy of 95%. Note, the aim is based on one person spending around eight hours per day on charting with clients. Essentially, given the existing complexities of coding in the facility, quantitative measures and qualitative aspects such as accuracy, completeness, and appropriateness are given adequate considerations.


The productivity audit for the five codes are as follows; coder one-45 charts, coder 2- 24 charts, coder 3- 30 charts, coder 4- 50 charts and coder 5- 10 charts. On the other hand, the accuracy for coder one- is 75%, coder 2- 98%, coder 3- 98%, coder 4- 60% and coder 5- 975.


Coder 1

The facility's target for accuracy is 95%, and coder 1 is 75%. Coder 1 did a commendable job though there is a need to put more efforts to increase his/her accuracy ratings. Coder 1 carried out the greatest number of charts in 8 hours and hence a large amount of productivity, a commendable effort. To improve the ratings for coder 1, there is a need to look into technicalities resulting in inaccuracies and strike a balance between productivity and accuracy.

Coder 2

Coder 2 made 24 number of charts in 8 hours hence the need to improve the nature of its engagement with customers. Nevertheless, its accuracy rating standing at 98% is an exceptional performance. Inversing the nature of engagement with the customer through adequate customer relations and effective communication skills and systems with help improve the volume of production.

Coder 3

Coder 3 making 30 charts in 8 hours a day is commendable as it is above average. The level of productivity of the coder notwithstanding, it also registers 98%, which is above the set minimum of the facility. The coder's accuracy rate is exceptional. Nevertheless, while maintaining the levels of accuracy, there is a need to improve on the level of productivity.

Coder 4

The coder has the highest level of productivity, which is an exceptional performance. Nevertheless, its accuracy of 60% needs much improvement to reach the acceptable level of the facility.

Coder 5

The coder is among the ones with excellent performances regarding accuracy rates. Its accuracy rate is 97% above the facility's expectations of 95%. Nevertheless, the coder's productivity is the lowest in the facility and hence the need improve efficiencies on issues affecting the productivity of the coder.


There should be an increase in the number of staff members that monitors whether physicians are coding correctly as well as management services in different locations.

There should be an establishment of a staff compliance and performance improvement section.

There should be adequate staff in sections, which are understaffed to improve productivity levels.

There should be adequate number of staff members in areas that require dual coding.


Prophet, S. (1998). Coding compliance: practical strategies for success. Coding Compliance: Practical Strategies for Success/AHIMA, American Health Information Management Association.

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