Geomorphology Frequency and magnitude of debris flows on Cheekye River, British Columbia


The article "Geomorphology" by Jakob and Friele The study "Frequency and magnitude of debris flows on the Cheekye River, British Columbia" employs frequency-magnitude (F-M) calculation to construct trends of debris-flow modeling and risk analyses.

Debris Flow Estimation

The authors tackle the inquiry on two fronts, using stratigraphic investigations and dendrochronology to determine the quantity of debris on the Cheekye River. The technique chosen in the research is justified by the fact that data from the distant past is frequently faulty or missing.

Impact on Cheekye Fan

The debris flow was estimated based on the number of trees scarred by the debris flow impact. The primary finding was that debris flows that exceeded 3 million m3 was unable to reach the Cheekye fan because there was a limit on the amount of water to fluidize rocks.

Peak Discharge and Flood Records

Based on the Quantitative risk assessments (QRAs), the peak discharge was 15,000 m3/s, a statistic that would exceed the flood recorded on British Columbia's largest stream.

Declining Debris-Flow Activity

The result has, therefore, been a declining debris-flow activity with almost half of the volume of the Cheekye fan being derived from the post-glacial period. The change has been attributed to various factors including the paraglacial paradigm, data stationarity, Neoglacial effects, climate change, and volcanic eruptions, all of which have resulted in a shift in the F-M calculations.

The Importance of Data from the Deep Past

Thus, it is critical to obtain data from the deep past that is likely to extend to the Holocene era. The value will be an improved understanding of the debris deposition as further investigations and multidisciplinary engagements will limit the likelihood of debris-flow mitigation that could cause errors.

Works Cited

Jakob, M, and P Friele. “Geomorphology Frequency and Magnitude of Debris Flows on Cheekye River, British Columbia.” Geomorphology 114.3 (2010): 382–395. Web.

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