Gender Studies and Women

Studies on gender and women have significantly altered how society views women, paving the way for the advancement of gender equality. Examining the curriculum in contemporary society reveals that gender and women studies is a special field that, despite its triumphs in educating the public about the importance of equality for men and women, nevertheless faces many difficulties.
Gender and Women Studies' contribution to action and the emergence of feminism in society is one of its achievements. According to Jackson, the introduction of Gender and Women Studies inspired scholars to initiate various strategies that spearheaded the campaigns for the improvement of the economic, social and political statuses of the females in the society. For instance, the Gender and Women Studies in the colleges helped in highlighting the challenges that women undergo in the society thereby leading to the initiation of various strategies through which the community can curb the problems of the women. Jackson also opines that the introduction of Gender and Women Studies in the colleges significantly contributed to the rise of feminism, the hypotheses that aim at the explanation of the causes of the gender inequalities in the society.

In the first half of the 1980s, Gender and Women Studies only focused on the explanation of the subordination and oppression of the women but the studies evolved hence the second half of the 1980s involved the formulation of movements that advocated for the rights of the women (Raducu 21). The evolution in the discipline above immensely helped in ensuring that it addresses the problems facing women in the society. Studies also show that the gender and women studies have aided in teaching the community that the economic, political and social developments significantly depend on the equality between men and women (Robinson). Therefore, through the Gender and Women Studies the society has progressed considerably.

In the present society, scholars have identified various issues relating to the discipline above. One of the primary problems in the gender and women studies concerns the strategies that colleges should teach gender and women studies. According to Raducu (24), scholars face the challenge of whether to mainstream the gender problems in other disciplines or address the gender issues as a separate field. In the current society, the Gender and Women Studies also faces various challenges as some people perceive it as a form of activism rather than an academic field. Consequently, some educational administrators do not support the teaching of gender and women issues in the colleges (Raducu 24). Finally, the present Gender and Women Studies faces the challenges concerning the contents that students need to learn (Zosuls et al.). For instance, most of the gender and women studies curriculum are shallow thus adversely affecting the proper emancipation of the females in the society.

Initially, the males dominated the various activities and jobs due to the negative perceptions that the community held towards the women. However, Aydon opines that the gender and women studies have enlightened the females and changed the attitudes that men hold towards the women. Therefore, it is evident that the future society will comprise of an equal number of women and men in various occupations.

In conclusion, Women and Gender Studies have significantly aided in the improvement of the statuses of women in the society despite the presence of some shortcomings that relates to the study. As discussed in this essay, the contents of the discipline above have significantly evolved to help in adequately addressing the challenges of humanity.

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