Gender Equality Michael Kimmel

In the video, Michael Kimmel said, "Privilege is invisible to those who have it." He was speaking on how to engage males in the conversation about gender equality. The claim is true because it accurately depicts what other people actually do, especially those who are not gender sensitive (Verloo, 2016). It is evident from the video conversation that privilege takes many different forms, including race, gender, wealth, physical and academic success, and yes, height. However, those who have these goods never realize the power and influence they have over others. Therefore, people ought to be identified as who they are as human beings and not by race, gender, ethnicity, wealth, and fitness among others. These powers are what encourage gender inequalities since an individual feels so superior over the other depending on the powers (Hartman, 2012). 

Therefore, gender equality is good for everyone with men included. In most cases, gender is always related to women issues. For many years patriarchy has been the topic of discussion. Men have always been considered to be superior to women when it comes to making all the decisions whether in the political, social or economic sector. Gender equality should include men as well in that men are also incorporated creation of gender awareness (Htun & Weldon, 2010). The society is full of gender inequalities where men are considered to be in control of all labor force while women ought to just participate in the private sector. It hinders women from taking part in economic development as well social development. Therefore, men can make serious decisions if they are included in the gender equality without the fear of being overpowered by women. A society that upholds gender equality development is not an issue since people participate equally in the development process (Boudet, Petesch & Turk, 2013). 


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