Freud’s model

Human Personality According to Freud's Model

Human personality, according to Freud's model, is complex and consists of three components: the id, the ego, and the superego. These three factors interact to produce complex human behavior. These elements combine in unexpected ways that have a substantial impact on an individual.

The Id: Unconscious and Innate

The id is the unconscious and innate aspect of one's psyche. It is the wellspring of all psychic energy, making it the most important aspect of human personality. It functions on the pleasure principle, which necessitates the rapid satisfaction of all bodily cravings, needs, and desires. Delays in achieving the requirements cause worry and tension.

The Ego: Balancing Desires and Reality

The ego ensures that the desires of the id are satisfied in realistic and socially acceptable ways. The ego operates on the reality principle. It helps an individual in controlling their actions, making right decisions, and solving problems. In most instances, the id's impulses can be satisfied through delayed gratification. Therefore, the ego only permits at the most appropriate time and location.

The Superego: Our Sense of Right and Wrong

Finally, the superego is our sense of right and wrong. It holds all our innate moral standards and ideals acquired through socialization from parents, teachers, and other members. The superego guides us in making morally upright judgments. It makes us feel guilty when we go against universally recognized morals. The superego acts to suppress all the unacceptable urges of the id and forces the ego to work by idealistic standards as opposed to realistic principles.

The id, ego, and the superego are not separate elements with clear distinctions. These three components are dynamic and interact within a person, influencing the overall personality and behavior of an individual.

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