Essays on Sociological Theories

Critical Theory and Problem-Solving Theory

Outline and discuss the difference between critical theory and problem solving theory. In regards to our view to the world order, Critical theory stands apart from the predominant order of the world and questions the origin or background of the order and how it came into existence while on the other...

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The Politics of Recognition and Intersectionality in The United States of America

In the past, the politics of the United States of America has been marred by aspects of intersectionality and politics of recognition. Intersectionality is referred to the manner in which the society categorizes people (Yuval-Davis, 2006). The basis of the categorization falls under societal characteristics such as race, gender, and...

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Intersectionality in the Workplace

Jenifer Kim expounds intersectionality as the disadvantages in the interaction with others brought about by peoples’ diversity. In this case, the difference in race, gender, ethnicity or any other factor restricting peoples’ inclusion. On the other hand, Collins and Bilge (67), defines it as the oppression brought about by the...

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The Development of Intersectionality

What social/historical elements existed that led to intersectionality emerging as a strand of Black Feminist thought? Discuss the elements of intersectionality’s emergence in a history of social movement activism.             Intersectionality is a concept by which the individuals can be able to describe multiple oppressions that they go through. In...

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Critical criminologists have rejected Marxism's approach to explaining the present problems facing the criminal justice system for the past few years. White collar criminals do not, however, receive the appropriate punishment for their offenses. The most detrimental to the economy crimes can be committed by the ruling elite. These criminals...

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Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex

Intersectionality refers to the concept of several axes of inequality that operate across multiple domains such as interpersonal interactions, rule systems, and cultural beliefs. Inequality, social justice, complexity, social context, and relationality are among the reoccurring themes. Anti-essentialism, on the other hand, has been used to advance feminism since the...

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The relationship between the individual and the community.

In the early 18th century, the social contract theory dominated European politics. This notion also served as a foundation for the evolution of modern political concepts and practices. It includes the evolution of laws as well as countries. It also focuses on the impact of nations on individuals. The social...

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Rousseau Philosophy

The term "universal will," coined by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his work Social Contract: Essays, refers to "the total of the differences" that aids in the achievement of a common good in society (30). It relies on the existence of a moral stance in people to be an essential idea in...

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About Cultural Formulation Essay

Individuals are educated about their country by consistently instilling moral and intellectual virtues in them, a process called as cultural formation. Individuals are exposed to specific values, ideas, and behavior when they are born, which instructs and trains them through time until they fully acquire the standards of their culture...

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The Social Learning Theory

Albert Bandura, a psychologist who was born on December 4, 1925, in Mundare, northern Alberta, Canada, foresaw a social learning theory in 1977 and is a strong proponent of the idea that learning is primarily a process of observation, imitation, and modeling. Bandura's idea combines parts of operant conditioning, classical...

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The Gender Inequality Concerns in Society

Multiple crucial factors, such as intersectionality, have been studied to conceptualize the framework regarding the complexities surrounding health disparities between men and women in the quest for an in-depth understanding of the effects on health arising from the connection between gender inequalities (Dobson et al (2015). In the context of...

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The Term Intersectionality

I first came across the phrase "intersectionality" on Twitter when I saw a lady identify herself as an intersectional feminist. However, until I took the class over the winter, I was unable to understand what she meant. I am here to clarify what it exactly means for everyone who is...

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