Social class theory and elite theory

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Elite and social class theory claim that the upper class of society is often seen as the primary driving force behind the politics of society. The theory of elites postulates that elites are inevitable in society and that their presence facilitates the full functioning of society. Besides, this fact has been recognized by the lower class for a long time. For this cause, the wealthy continues to be affluent, while the weak continue to struggle. There are campaigns that need sponsorship to get through the political elite. Therefore, to be able to manage such campaigns, one ought to have accumulated a large amount of income from the past. For this reason, conflict and elite theories explain the reasons for social stratification in the society. From the capitalist perspective, the elite will always dominate the politics of the day. Besides, conflict theory confirms that the rich in the society control all available resources. Similarly, they are also responsible for controlling power, which they derive from the respect that they get from the lower class. The society holds a stereotype that the elite from the upper class ought to be respected for the wealth that they have already accumulated. For this reason, people from the lower class agree to offer cheap labor. Through this scenario, the lower class does not have enough ground to control politics and power in the society.

From Swanson’s article on Washington Post entitled, Upper Class Elites might hate Trump, but they were the key to his success, explains how the upper class has a huge influence in determines the direction of politics in the society. From the Swanson’s perspective the elite are able to influence the thoughts of people, from the same class to in voting for them. The author indicates that Trump was able to get more votes from people of the upper class, as they have similar thoughts and lifestyle. From an interview with Cowen, the author provides that the elite in the society isolate themselves from the rest in the society. Through an isolation process, the elite are able to influence other members of the group towards policies, and decisions that inform the politics in that society. The author provides examples that people of the upper class are found in New York, Washington DC, and California. Through strategic geographical locations, the upper class is able to influence the thoughts of others, to maintain power and control in the society. Additionally, the author points out that the power and control in the upper class can be related to the mobility and tackling inflation that happened right after the First World War.

Moreover, the Swanson argues that people of the upper and middle class in America, have established themselves such that they can get a new job, and promotions. Therefore, people from this class have a guaranteed way of acquiring more money that will make them richer. Therefore, since the rich one will always be wealthy, there is a possibility that they will continue influencing the politics of the day in the society. Considering that, the author confirms that people, who are less educated, and those from low income backgrounds, have come to accept the status quo. However, the author points out that Americans do not have to accept the status quo, as there is a need to change the issue of class and social stratification in the society. Even with the rising number rates of classes, it is clear that closing the gap between the poor and the rich in the society may take a long period. Ideally, the rich strata of the society never wants to be associated with the poor. Swanson claims that in America, living arrangement is such that the rich will always choose to be associated with the rich, and will look for a residence place in cities like New York. In addition, people from the high-end areas will always have similar views in different perspectives of life.

Subsequently, Swanson states that the social segregation associated with people in these areas happen due to the fact that the rich will always want to be associated with their rich counterparts. Therefore, the author argues that people from New York, and California would have voted for Trump in such high numbers. Moreover, the author investigated through the interview whether school segregation can be used to close the gap between the rich and the poor.

To explain the concept of closing the gap in the society, Will in his article on Washington Post entitled “Want to reduce inequality? Try the black death” explains the serious issues of inequality amidst a society that wishes to reduce the problem of inequality. Will states that the due to this matter, it becomes more and more difficult to close the gap between the rich and the poor. In addition, Will provides that it is almost impossible for the society to close the gap due to the perspectives, and stereotypes that people hold against the concepts of being rich and poor.

Furthermore, Will traces back in history at time of revolutions and egalitarianisms, and explains that these were some of the factors that led to difficulty in closing the gap. Wars and conflicts are the main reasons why societies have failed in closing the gap between the rich and poor, and the rich. Will argues that most of the rich populations in America inherited their wealth from their forefathers, and this helped them to maintain the status quo. given that, it has always been difficult for the American society to close the inequality gap. Poverty is characterized by the fact that people fail to meet their daily needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. According to Will, poverty indicates that the rate of inequality in America has been increased by the fact that some families do not have enough resources that will allow them to meet their daily needs.

Furthermore, the other indicates that the advertisements through magazines such as Forbes, indicate the richest men in the American society. According to the author, such notifications elude an aspect of class and inequality. The concept of class is brought about by the fact that the media sources confirm that class is still a major problem in the society.Nevertheless, through empowerment, and viable strategies of reducing poverty, it is evident that there is still work that can be done to reduce poverty in the society. On the other hand, it is clear that policy makers have to establish ways of reducing poverty in the society by empowering families. For example, this can be achieved by providing equal opportunities to all classes in the society.

In conclusion, social stratification is not only an American issue, but a problem that all governments are fighting against. Nonetheless, the main factors that steer social classes include inequalities at the work place, and the struggle for the limited resources in the society. Inequality in terms of income means that citizens will have unequal distribution of resources. As a result, it is necessary for leaders to develop policies that can help in reducing the aspects of inequality in the society. Nevertheless, social classes can be explained from both conflict and capitalist perspectives.

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