Essays on Nursing

Evolution of Medicare and its Impacts

Medicare is a historic social program that today covers 49.4 million Americans. Healthcare insurance dates back to President Teddy Roosevelt's administration in 1912. During his presidency, the then-President rolled out a national health plan, but it never saw the light of day until it was pushed by President Harry S....

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Maternal-newborn nursing

New mothers frequently struggle with the arduous chore of nursing their newborn (Pillitteri & Ovid Technologies, Inc., 2014). It is therefore not unusual that a mother may choose not to breastfeed her child and instead feed him or her formulas. As a registered nurse, you are responsible for educating patients...

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Essential Nursing Care: Theory to Practice

Nursing theories are essential in all medical settings, including patients' and health-care institutions'. In today's medical world, safe nursing care is critical. A framework for all medical care is offered based on nursing practice theories. Theories that guide the nursing discipline are vital for ensuring professionalism and ethics in all...

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Nursing theories: Application, Strategies, and Case Example

Nursing theories are works of nurses that have been imaginatively constructed to define the various aspects of nursing practice in ways that other health practitioners can learn, appraise, and use. Published notions are typically explicitly contested, examined, and also serve as a foundation for future research on the nature of...

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The Problem of Nurse Staffing

Nursing theory has played an important part in the advancement of nursing practice as a whole. Because of its effect and impact on the many nursing variables, nursing theory serves as the foundation of the nursing profession. The majority of concepts used in nursing have their origins and foundations in...

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The Value of Nursing Theory

Nursing theory is described as a set of concepts used to describe current nursing knowledge. The idea provides a comprehensive knowledge and vision of the nursing profession. Nursing theory contributes to the advancement of the nursing discipline and the organization of knowledge (Shea & Cavan, 2014). The nursing theory notion...

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has recommended a significant change to their Part B pricing and payment scheme. This drug category primarily comprises those provided by hospital outpatient departments or by a physician's office. CMS indicated that the new model will be tested for five years and would...

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Essay on Healthcare Imperative

The essay addresses the rapid increase in national health-care spending. According to Yong, Saunders, and Olsen (2010), anticipated federal healthcare spending might increase by more than 300% in just 18 years, reaching $4.3 trillion in the next ten years. Medicare and Medicaid costs are predicted to account for 12% of...

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Theoretical nursing: Development and progress

Theory can be defined as rules or principles that are used to explain a certain occurrence. It focuses on determining the reasons why a specific scenario emerges in a certain way. When it comes to nursing theories, these are structured frameworks that are employed to provide guidance in the nursing...

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Medicare Part D (Medicare prescription drug benefit)

As part of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, the US federal government created the Medicare Part D (Medicare prescription drug benefit) program for Medicare participants, primarily seniors. The program's goal was to offer seniors a discount for prescription medication payments and prescription drug insurance premiums in the form of...

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The US government oversees both the Medicaid and Medicare programs. On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed them into law with the intention of assisting the elderly and low-income Americans in purchasing personal health insurance. The president hoped that by doing this, the financial burden would be shared among...

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The Nursing Services Delivery Theory

The application of open system theory to huge enterprises gave rise to the nursing services delivery theory (NSDT). According to the idea, input and output variables interact to affect the global labor demands that healthcare systems place on nurses. Different work environments and even other cultures can make use of this theory. The...

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