Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding: The Best Food for Babies

Breastfeeding is a cheap and easily accessible activity. It is absolutely necessary for both people and creatures. A first-time mother is exposed to the idea that "breastmilk is the best food" the moment she enters the obstetrician's waiting area. (Fridinger 230). Normally, she receives complete information about the link between breastmilk nutrients and traits like larger brains and stronger immune systems. Practically speaking, both mother and kid should consider this. When a baby is born, breastfeeding is frequently normal and prevalent among most females. Some believe that it sometimes happens as a result of an impulsive reaction. They may require assistance in conducting a productive breastfeeding exercise to their babies especially in the presence of people. Breastfeeding support programs address the issue of reduced breastfeeding levels among women by focusing on the various challenges during the act of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is affected by different causes including biological, social and environmental aspects. This essay subjects the act of breastfeeding in public to evaluative and constructive criticism concerning the fear and stigma surrounding it.

The Controversy of Public Breastfeeding

Public breastfeeding refers to the act of feeding a baby through the breast in open zones where it is easily observable by other persons. Most people are always on the support to public breastfeeding. However, a few mean people will always shower their offensive comments on a mother attempting to breastfeed in public. These people possibly obtain their negativity from the fact that they are unaccustomed with this act, have sexist’s approaches or they have embraced the hyperactive sexualization of female breasts in the contemporary society. Given that not all babies love being under baby sheets, it is not always possible to cover up in public and feed a baby. Besides, one of the greatest benefits of breastfeeding is the mother to child bond (Hector 43). This is known to provide sensory stimulation to the baby and enhance the growth of an emotionally stable child. This mother to child bond can only be achieved by maintaining eye contact. In some cases, breastfeeding is every effective when the mother and the child can see each other during the breastfeeding process. Ideally, covering up or not breastfeeding at all in public is more detrimental than beneficial especially to the child.

Normalizing Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding requires the mothers to be psychologically relaxed and confident so that they can breastfeed their children at will. There is thus a need to normalize the action of breastfeeding in public through creating programs that educate men and empower women. This will play a critical role in ensuring that children continue to enjoy around the clock supply of nourishment for better growth (Fridinger 234). Given that sometimes new mothers from some cultures have already adopted the idea that breastfeeding is a taboo, they are likely never to feel comfortable when breastfeeding in the public. This will consequently cut all the benefits of breast milk away from the baby. However, breastfeeding support campaigns have managed to put up nursing locations in which these type of mothers have reported to feel absolute comfort away from all the judgment in the open scene. Over time, by breastfeeding with other mothers at the nursing stations, they may overcome the fear and face breastfeeding both in private and in public.

The Inappropriateness of Covering up in Public

In addition, covering up in public implies that breastfeeding is wrong. It also creates an agreeable proclamation stating that you can breastfeed so long as nobody sees it. However, this is never the idea. Breastfeeding is just baby feeding and should not be treated as an inappropriate act. It is not meant to be shameful but to make a mother feel proud of the bundle of joy she brought to life. While keeping the balance of a blanket on the shoulder and putting the baby to breast is difficult, it is possible to cause unnecessary heat which may be uncomfortable to both the mother and the child. Basically breastfeeding should not be the cause of stress. Mothers should not be asked to use the bathroom whenever she needs to breastfeed in public because no one wants to eat in a bathroom. Not even a baby.

Overcoming the Sexualization of Breasts

The most important instruction on breastfeeding is, breastfeed frequently as demanded by the child (Hector 46). Accordingly, the feeding timetable of a child cannot be three or five meals per day. The baby itself strictly fixes it. This means that the time, location and state of the mother does not necessarily matter. Whether the mother is at the grocery stores or in the sports ground, the baby has to feed as he/she demands. There is the need for the public to understand that mothers who breastfeed in public are not trying to fish out attention. They are just practicing their natural duty and trying to feed their hungry babies. While most mothers may feel embarrassed about popping the breast to the watch of many, it is of importance to remember that the baby comes first and after all, it is nothing but food.

Promoting the Benefits of Breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding is undeniably crucial, it is true that breasts have been highly sexualized in the modern society (Fridinger 235). The site of a female breast draws attention not only to male passers-by but also children. It is one the main reason why men and some women discourage public breastfeeding for fear of having their kids see the very breasts at the watch of their parents. However, it is easier and less hurtful to tell the children to look away instead of admonishing the breastfeeding mother and denying the baby its right of food. Besides, the use of breasts for breastfeeding is the primary and rightful role of breasts and not the sexual role as the media have taught the children. Creating awareness about the unending and vital benefits of breastmilk can help lower this ignorance in the society.


In conclusion, I highly promote breastfeeding of the kids anytime and anyplace when need arises. Breastfeeding is convenient, cheap and it allows the baby to get what it needs precisely at that instant. Breastmilk promotes positive cognitive and physical development of babies. It boosts infant immunity and makes the child resistant to common infections. The benefits of breastfeeding favor the mother too. It lowers the risk for several types of cancers including ovarian and breast cancers. It can also assist in getting rid of the pregnancy fat. And through a phenomenon known as lactation amenorrhea, breastfeeding acts as a birth control strategy! About these generous merits of breastfeeding, it is only fair to practice it as often as possible. There should not be a restriction as to how many times a mother should conduct the exercise. Mothers should be given freedom to enjoy their duty at any place and at no time should they feel discriminated. Public Breastfeeding should never be regarded as wrong.

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