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Hilary and Trump Debates

Hillary and Trump were asked questions about five foreign policy challenges and explained their views.Multiple questions surrounding the issue of international policy and foreign affairs were posed by the two contestants. As per this point of debate, immigration was a critical issue. The candidates were asked how they would coordinate...

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Immigration Reforms

Jus Soli and the Controversy of Birthright Citizenship Jus soli, or birthright, is a widely contested topic that allows a child born within a nation's borders to be given citizenship. Any Asian, African, and European countries give the birthright to children of unique immigrants. The selectiveness in which birthrights are allocated...

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Decline of Chinese Children Adoption by Foreigners

Adoption is a concept that has no clear meaning of any sort. Different persons interpret it in different ways in regards to the context and viewpoint it is derived from. The concept can, however, be interpreted in terms of four distinct viewpoints, including what it means for the adoptive parents,...

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