Immigration Reforms

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Jus soli, or birthright, is a widely contested topic that allows a child born within a nation’s borders to be given citizenship. Any Asian, African, and European countries give the birthright to children of unique immigrants. The selectiveness in which birthrights are allocated has been interpreted as bigotry against such races or racial groups. Birthright citizenship critics, such as US President Donald Trump, have called for its revocation. Abolition of birthright citizenship may result in many Asians and Hispanics being stateless and living illegally in their respective states. The act may create turmoil in various sectors of the economy as illegal citizens are deported to their countries of origin. Proponents of birthright citizenship do not prefer the idea of revisiting the immigration laws and making amendments. The protagonists of the citizenship put their efforts towards protecting the rights of people born in the territories of a nation. According to Walpin, Rivkin and Yoo, conservatives should be urged to reject Trump’s call for the scrapping of the birthright citizenship (Walpin, Rivkin, and Yoo 6). Children born is a foreign territory have the right to citizenship and require protection to ensure that they are not oppressed by the nation. According to Bush, it is surprising that illegal immigrants contribute to approximately 7.4 percent of all births in the United States (U.S.). It is possible that people are ferried from other countries so that they could come and deliver in the territories of a state such as the U.S.A. It appears as a mischievous act by immigrants so that they could secure citizenship for their children. Therefore, the aspect of birthright citizenship may be causing countries to have bulging population numbers.

Work Cited

Walpin, Gerald, David B. Rivkin Jr, and John C. Yoo. “Birthright Citizenship: Two Perspectives.”(2016): 1-8.

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