Frankenstein Social Inequality

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Frankenstein used to be authored by Mary Shelley who is English. In the novel, she narrates Victor Frankenstein’s struggle story. The latter was a young scientist in the book who had the obsession to create a grotesque creature that would be sapient in nature via scientific experiments that were unorthodox. “What can stop a decided heart and resolved will of man? (Shelley 24).”Through her skills, Mary presents Victor now not as a victim of free ill as different novelists do but as one of fate. On the same note, she depicts nature as a unfavourable machine. The novel starts at a point indicating how harmless Victor Frankenstein was before he acquired obsessed with the alchemist stories he had been reading all along coupled with his knowledge and later dies a miserable scientist.

In the beginning, the author presents the reader with an innocent character; a young boy who grows up in Geneva though of Swiss descent. He spends a significant part of his time reading archaic and ancient alchemist stories. He later joins Ingolstadt University to further his interests. It is through the books he had been reading and the knowledge he had gathered from the University that he was able to bring a destructive monster to life. The hideous monster takes the lives of Victor’s family members inclusive of parents and siblings. As other people are happy in the families, Victor is torn apart by the remorse of losing his family members at the expense of his scientific invention. In so doing, Mary makes Victor more knowledgeable in the scientific field he was specializing in but denies him the joy of being beside his family and parents (Literaturenerd).

There have been scientists who have taken part and their time in coming up with scientific inventions that in most cases have made life better than they had found it. However, in this case, the invention made threatens the very existence that most of the scientists try their level best to safeguard. Comparing the life that Victor had and that which other scientists endowed as he, had, they are far better off than him. “He is an Englishman, and in the midst of national and professional prejudices, unsoftened by cultivation, retains some of the noblest endowments of humanity (Shelley 20).” Most of them have the laxity of enjoying the fruits of their labor whereas Victor is pained by the very creature he has created. This is a clear indication that he has socially unhappy even though he was endowed beyond any other scientist had in his time.

After the killing of Victor’s younger brother by the monster and the false accusation of the housekeeper; Justine Moritz who Victor could not defend, the latter decided to journey to Geneva to console himself. On his way, he meets the creature he made and the reason behind his pain, and it makes a proposition to his maker about a mate which Victor succinctly refutes. In this instant, Victor lets social inequality take the better of him as he intended to play God-like roles but is unable to give his creature a companion yet God gave Adam a partner when he asked. Also, human beings at the time when the monster was created were free to pair up with those they felt secure with yet it could not as there was none made as it was and it’s the reason he asked for one from his maker (Literaturenerd).

We live in an era of breathtaking scientific advances, and in most instances, the things that scientists invent are appreciated for the contribution they would be having in making human life and sustenance better. However, that is not the case with the creature that Frankenstein created. This is because the beast faced multiple rejections by humankind. On its part, it tried to blend into the society by learning how t read and write. By so doing, it made it easy to understand the language that ordinary human beings spoke. However, his efforts did not help solve his problem as he still faced rejection every of the way.

The monster lived a lonely life while other people were happy with their families. This troubled it, and it is the reason as to why made the sole decision to avenge the inequality to its creator’s family. “But he is melancholy and despairing (Shelley 27).” It pained the creature that its creator had a family yet it was denied the ability to have one as he refuted its plea to grant it a companion. “I have no friend, Margaret (Shelley 19).” At the point where the creature vowed to move to South America and leave Europe if at all Victor agrees to make another monster. He accepts and gets back to work but does not finish as he destroys the part he had started and disposed of the remains. “I am going to unexplored regions to ‘the land of mist and snow (Shelley 20).”He destroys the only thing that would make the creature feel safe and wanted while on the other hand, he accepts to be married to Elizabeth on his return journey from the Isles of British.

When the boat Victor and Henry Clerval were using to travel to England was blown off the course it was traveling by a storm, their bodies end up being washed on England’s shores. “Strange and harrowing must be his story, frightful the storm which embraced the gallant vessel on its course and wrecked it – thus! (Shelley 32).” However, Henry passes on whereas Victor is alive. Unfortunately, the latter is set to stand trial for the murder of Henry since he survived while Henry died. This is a social injustice as it is apparent that the boat was blown off its course by high winds or rather a storm. It was not fair to take Victor to trail for a murder he did not commit. The author tries to rectify the role that Victor had by making him go to trial for murder which he did but then not in this scenario (Literaturenerd). Also, the deaths he had taken part in were not directly done by him but indirectly through the creature he had made. If at all he would have been convicted, he would feel bad for he did not commit the offense he was accused of, but then there are instances in his life that he had taken part in murder indirectly.

Conclusively, Victor’s life and part in the novel portray a victim whose life revolves around injustice. He is endowed with scientific skills that cannot be compared to those of any scientist, but then he is not happy at all while those having minor scientific skills are happy. He struggles to make up for his sorrow but ends up dying a desolate and disconsolate man.

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