Federal Express Success

The following are the results of a survey. Part one discusses some of the frequent characteristics of new company enterprises. Part two of the piece, similarly, focuses on the Federal Express narrative and its creator, Fred Smith. Note that the Federal Expresses' major source is Vance Trimble's instant success.

In the United States, the Federal Express acts as the largest provider for the overnight delivery of mail. This company employs almost 150,000 people with purple blood. It possesses over 600 aircrafts. Among these aircrafts are the most sophisticated models from the Boing and Airbus. In just a single day, Federal Express manages to transport more than three million packages. Under the spoke system and the different hub, various packages of the company are flown from several destinations to the Memphis international airport. This company is located in Memphis.

The incoming packages are sorted by a huge team of workers every night. The use of an advanced system of conveyor belt helps in the sorting process. The mail is sorted by destination during a four-hour window. Normally, Memphis if left by the first plane every night at 2:50 A.M. Additionally, another plane takes off every minute for more than an hour. With its large hub in Memphis, Federal Express appear a very sophisticated provider of logistic. The clients of this company can rely on the promise of delivery of the package by 10:30 A.M the following morning. It is also possible to trace every inch of the journey of the package while they are on their way. In summary, several reasons contribute to the success of the Federal Express.

Risk Taking and Luck

Even though there were some times when the future of the Federal Express was not looking good, the company managed to survive the terrible situation. The founder of the company was lucky enough to win a considerable amount of money for boosting the business operations.

The author notes that this company is successful because of its willingness to take various well-reasoned risks. These risks help in growing the business. Also, the Federal Express company was successful since they absorbed some of the employees who were dismissed by the products of the Zap-mail.

Visionary Founder

The founder of the company devised an idea that many people considered not practical at the time. However, he persisted with the idea despite the fact that he was continuously being discouraged by others. As a consequence, he has managed to revolutionize the transport/ logistics sector completely.

Corporate Culture

Federal Express is provided with a well-deserved reputation to promote its employees and treat them well within the organization. For example, one employee confesses to having received a complete package of benefits that include dental and health insurance at the time he was working for the company in the early 1980's. In particular, some of the benefits include tuition reimbursements that occur twice every year, paid vacations, as well as the payment of the "profit sharing." In this business, one of the core factors of success is the willingness of the many people to work extra hard. With such benefits, the Federal Express company is assured that a person would want even the lowest job on the organization chart. The majority of the current employees including the current senior managers "began in the hub" at the time they were going to college at the Memphis which was nearby.

Aggressive Use of Technology

This company, Federal Express has continued to be at the forefront of the use of data analytics as well as the technology for the improvement of its operations. The application of the technology of barcode is making the company revolutionize the tracking of packages and other services that it provides. Often, its competitors including the UPS were way behind the Federal Express in adopting such technologies.

Willingness to Overcome/ Confront Regulatory Obstacles

Another reason for the success of the company is because of its desire for confronting/ overcoming some of the regulatory obstacles. In fact, one of the vital factors in the early success of Federal Express was its campaign for amending the federal "Express Letter Statute." This Express Letter Statute give the postal service of US a monopoly on "First Class Mail." Federal Express would have limited its chances of growing the business to the juggernaut that is it currently without such amendment.


Several reasons/ factors contributed to the success of the company. The founder of the Federal Express company, Fred Smith, demands that every package is treated by all the workers as if it were the last one. For this reason, the customers appreciate the reliability as well as the service of the company. In effect, they pay more compared to the competitors' prices. With the use of the strategy of the people service profit, this company rose to the level of earning a revenue of more than $13 billion. Undoubtedly, Fred Smith is the man behind the success of Federal Express.


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Trimble, V. H. (1993). Overnight success: Federal Express and Frederick Smith, its renegade creator. New York: Crown Publishers

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