Fame and Celebrity

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Fame refers to the state of being recognized by several human beings and is mostly acquired as a result of peculiarity in an individual’s persona or personality. It is beauty and perfection, and several people idolize these individuals that are famous. Celebrity, on the other hand, is defined as being properly known in the entertainment, film and sports circuit. They are frequent currency in the socially fractured world. Eminem, one of the best rappers around the world is a celebrity. Kim Jong Un, the chief of North Korea, is famous. To some people, both fame and celebrity are nearly a dream and an achievement to them due to the admiration that they enjoy from a large population. For the female gender, however, in most cases, celebrity and fame has sadly been dragged to the extent to which they are willing to expose their skin. The common perception across the globe is that celebrities and famous personalities have perfect lives. The reality is that they experience challenges and benefits in equal measures.


Advantages of fame and celebrity

A large percentage of the global population looks up to celebrities and famous people as the ideal thing to be. When the Kardashians’ came to the limelight, they were hardly recognizable. Over the years, however, they have built their brands and are currently among the widely known celebrities. There are Kardashian jewelry stores, boutiques, fragrances and cosmetic products, and according to them, their fame will reach unattainable heights (Chapter 26 523). Gullible persons tend to believe that celebrities are beings of perfections and lack flaws or financial problems, hence the reason for their fame. A case of the Kardashians, for instance, portrays to the public a famous family that hardly faces financial problems and live large.

Fame and celebrity bring a lot of fortune and wealth. In most cases, when an individual gets into the entertainment scene or sports, he or she tends to amass riches. Celebrities are known for their luxurious cars and mansions as well as their expensive clothes and jewelry (Marshall 27). The Kardashians, have over the years increased their riches and they currently have their reality TV show and a line of franchises (Chapter 26 543). Some of the celebrities also focus on gaining power, other than riches and this makes them untouchable. Watching an episode of the MTV Cribs reveals the extent of fortunes that are at various celebrities’ disposals.

Celebrities and famous personalities get special treatment in various places that they visit. The Kardashians, for instance, are fashioning the celebrity powerhouse and they receive a lot of attention and specialized treatment in several places that they tour. The same case applies to celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Justine Bieber who enjoy preferential treatment from restaurants, events or airports. They are also recognized everywhere they go and this is always marked by a significant presence of paparazzi and several fans on their case.

Disadvantages of fame and celebrity

Famous personalities and celebrities lack private lives. Some end up experiencing personal confusion and the loss of life ownership through depersonalization (Marshall 76). The paparazzi and the media are always on their radar, and this means that anything that they do, whether good or bad come to light. After the Kardashians became a household name in 2007, their lives have never remained the same. They have become subjects of media attention and gossip. Their family lineage and their possessions have in the past five years been discussed in detail by various media houses. Britney Spears and Arnold Shwazneger are among other celebrities who lack privacy and this, in some occasions makes it hard for them to lead normal lives.

Celebrity lives are decorated with mistrust and damaged relationships. Most of the marriages for the famous personalities and celebrities end up in tortures, with either of the couple filing a divorce (Mitchell and Harold 235-238). They have to go through intense public scrutiny, and any misstep may result in a failed marriage. The film industry in Hollywood has a list of famous personalities whose marriages never survived any storm, and this is because of their celeb status. 50 cent, one of the greatest musicians, has had to jump from one marriage to the other and some point, a court ruled that he was bankrupt, and this was aimed to evade a child support case.

Fame and celebrity are also associated with crimes and illegal acts. Some of the celebrities have in the past years been faulted for their involvement in drug syndicates and murder (Marshall 65). O.J Simpson was a former National Football League who was accused of the murder of his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Goldman. Other celebrities such as Dwayne Carter (Lil Wayne) and Clifford Harris (T.I.) have also on several occasions been arrested and charged for their involvement in drug peddling and being in possession of illegal firearms.


The common perception across the globe is that celebrities and famous personalities have perfect lives. However, based on the above information, the reality is that they experience challenges and benefits in equal measures. Some of the advantages that they enjoy include wealth and riches and preferential treatments. They face drawbacks such as broken marriages and relationships and lack of privacy.

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