Everyday, we are faced with decisions that require our judgment

We face decisions every day that demand our judgment

Most of the time, these decisions are as weakly backed as they are vapid. The purpose of the paper is to pay careful attention to the requirements, judgment, and facts needed to support an appraisal claim. The object of the assessment statement is to show whether the McDonald's restaurant is good or bad. Moreover, McDonald's is the best restaurant because it beats standards in terms of locality requirements, ambient criteria as well as product quality criteria, and service criteria. Various factors influence the performance coupled with the quality of a restaurant. The factors I considered in establishing the criteria of a good restaurant comprise of the location, food type as well as quality, the service and the atmosphere.

The location plays a fundamental part in the establishment of a restaurant. Its accessibility has to be easy with the provision of ample parking. The location has to be easy to find due to zoning. In the event that the restaurant has additions that are more essential than the land, it should coincide with the standards of the state that it is found. The location facilitates in setting the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The atmosphere aids in setting the mood before the meal. Various kinds of atmospheres coupled with styles exist in a restaurant. Thus, a restaurant can choose to be Italian, Mexican, funky, Texan or classy. For instance, during birthday parties, the atmosphere is required to set the tone for the function.

The food quality is also essential to the customer. When people visit restaurants, they are looking for fresh meals that are cooked well. Therefore, during the management of a restaurant, fresh food in conjunction with produce needs to be among the vital factors. For restaurants that offer unsatisfactory food, their customer retention is very low. Besides, customers look at the presentation of the food. It is attributed to the fact that the customers want to eat presentable food. They want a meal that looks as well as smells delicious. In addition, customers want varieties.

The quality of the service that a restaurant provides is equally essential. It can contribute to the satisfaction of a customer while they are eating. The upkeep coupled with the wait staff appearance is crucial to a restaurant. Customers will return where the service standards are high in a restaurant.



The site that is ideal for the restaurant is 50,000 square feet(Mujtaba, Bahaudin G. and Bina Patel 55). However, there has been the development of the units on both sites that are smaller as well as larger. The optimal location of a restaurant is in a corner with the option of putting up signs that are visible. The visibility is usually from two streets that are major. The restaurants are also located in areas with ample parking which meets the applicable codes of the local parking. Besides, the requirements of the size, as well as space, are adapted for the airports, downtown locations as well as the malls.


The restaurant has invested in the creation of different atmospheres depending on the locality of the restaurant. For instance, in France, the restaurant features designer furniture that is fancy in conjunction with the provision of a table service, self-services as well as counter service. It also offers diverse classic pastries of the French as well as chai lattes in conjunction with espresso drinks. In Canada, the restaurant believed that the audio system is a vital component of its core values, which are value, service, as well as cleanliness. Thus, the restaurant invested in installing audio systems in its restaurants to reflect the image of being forever young. The audio system was versatile, reliable, and easy to operate and fit the restaurant's needs (Securities and Exchange Commission, United States 5).

Foods quality

McDonald's restaurant provides a uniform menu that is substantial. However, there are variations that depend on the geographic locations of the customers to suiting their tastes as well as preferences. Besides, the restaurant continuously tests the products that are new. The menu of the restaurant comprises of hamburgers coupled with cheeseburgers, McCafe beverages, Filet-O-Fish, shakes, French fries, McFlurry desserts, chicken McNuggets and Big Mac. There are also salads, various chicken sandwiches, wraps, oatmeal, sundaes, and pies, quarter pounder filled with cheese, soft serve cones, coffee, and soft drinks (Securities and Exchange Commission, United States 2). The restaurant, further, sells diverse products during promotions that are time limited. The McDonald's restaurant is located in numerous international markets as well as the US, provides a breakfast menu that is full and limited. The offerings of the breakfast comprise of hotcakes, Egg McMuffin, McGriddles, biscuit as well as bagel sandwiches, and sausage McMuffin filled with egg. The choice, nutrition, as well as quality, are factors that the restaurant upholds (Securities and Exchange Commission, United States 2).


Apart from the friendly service that the restaurant provides in serving its customers clean as well as delicious food, the restaurant further offers its clients free wifi. It ensures that their clients are connected as they enjoy their meals. It also provides an arch card coupled with play places in conjunction with parties. The former is involved with the provision of quick as well as convenient gift cards that are tailor-made for the different occasions, while the latter deals with parties for children that bring a lot of fun. As such, the restaurant provides happy meals coupled with decorations, party flavors, and cake.


The choice, nutrition, as well as quality, are factors that the restaurant upholds for it understands its base of clients. As such, it continuously evolves its menu to suit the needs of the customers. The location of the restaurant is a critical element of its success. Therefore, the firm maintains a watch that is close by the location of the restaurant. In a bid to create an atmosphere of youthfulness, the firm engaged the Sound Products firm for the updating as well as the standardization of the audio system. It is an effort to create an atmosphere where the customer remembers their favorite song in their teens. Thus, the firm ensures that its customers have warm as well as fond memories of their experience in the restaurant. Currently, more than 70% of their customers prefer dining in the restaurant as opposed to taking the food away, attributed to the atmosphere that the firm creates in their restaurants. In addition, the spokesperson for the firm notes that food is vital as it is a priority that is obvious. However, the firm has invested in new designs of service that assist in the empowering of their customers to assist them in deciding on the way they want to employ the store, order the food, as well as entertain themselves. Because of their locality, the restaurants serve numerous clients. Reviews from the clients indicate that they are satisfied with the services as they are served in a quick manner that saves their time (Qureshi, Amber and Mubashir Hassan n.d.).


Mujtaba, Bahaudin G. and Bina Patel. "Mcdonalds Success Strategy And Global Expansion Through Customer And Brand Loyalty". Journal Of Business Case Studies (JBCS), vol 3, no. 3, 2011, p. 55. Clute Institute, doi:10.19030/jbcs.v3i3.4857.

Qureshi, Amber and Mubashir Hassan. "Impact Of Performance Management On The Organisational Performance: An Analytical Investigation Of The Business Model Of Mcdonalds". International Journal Of Academic Research In Economics And Management Sciences, vol 2, no. 5, 2013, Human Resources Management Academic Research Society (HRMARS), doi:10.6007/ijarems/v2-i5/299.

Securities and Exchange Commission, United States. "McDonald’s Corporation". United States Securities And Exchange Commission, 2015, https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/63908/000006390816000103/mcd1231201510k.pdf.

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