Euthanasia illegalization

Controversy Surrounding Euthanasia

For a long time, the controversy about whether to legalize or criminalize euthanasia has dominated the healthcare industry. Various groups have made contradictory points over whether it should be administered or not. Euthanasia is the intentional killing of a human with the intention of alleviating pain and suffering. However, it is not right to end someone's life by euthanasia and it is an act that the patient would be unable to undergo. I had a personal experience that led me to strongly oppose euthanasia. One of my family was suffering from a terminal illness, and his odds of recovery were slim. Sometimes he would wallow in pain, and I would wish he would die, even if it was assisted death, to relieve him the pain. However, he was a warrior and believed he would be well. After a period of intensive care, he was well and had fewer complaints of pain and suffering. It became evident that euthanasia is not a valid solution to alleviate pain and suffering; hence, it is supposed to be illegal in all parts of the world.

Preserving the Sanctity of Life

Life is sacred and should not be taken away from a person either voluntary or involuntary. The ethical aspect of the society aims to preserve the sanctity of life at all costs. Accepting euthanasia would be going against some of the fundamental ethical standards in the society that requires protection of the lives of others. It would be a way of indicating that some lives are more important than others because the sick are not given a chance to fight for survival. In most cases, euthanasia is not in the best interest of the patients since they are not given a chance to give their opinion on such decisions. Healthcare providers may assume that the patient may not be in a position to make such a critical decision unless helped by the doctors and family members. Therefore, euthanasia takes a right to life from a person without their consent. It would be important to term the act as illegal to reduce cases of involuntary euthanasia administered by the doctors. Many scenarios would be reported of people being killed in hospitals with the reason of euthanasia. It would be vital to uphold the ethics and morals of the society by preserving the right to life for all people regardless of their health status.

Importance of Palliative Care

Effective palliative care of patients would lead to making euthanasia unnecessary. From my personal experience, it is evident that when patients are given the quality care, they are likely to live for long without experiencing pain and suffering. Illegalizing euthanasia would ensure that doctors and nurses are committed more to saving lives since there is no other way of alleviating the pain of the patients. It would be critical to criminalize any form euthanasia since some may use it as a cost-effective method for treating terminal illnesses. Moreover, illegalizing the vice would help in encouraging the search for new methods of treating various illnesses. More emphasis on research and development in the health sector would provide lasting solutions to the patients suffering from intense pain. Additionally, the doctors would have limited powers to determine whether a patient lives or not. It is an effective method of safeguarding the lives of the patients who would be vulnerable to pressures to end their lives. For instance, patients would not succumb to pressures by relatives to accept euthanasia to reduce the cost of medical care. Moreover, those that have been abandoned by their families would still have a chance to live and enjoy life to the fullest. It is, therefore, important to illegalize euthanasia to ensure that more emphasis is put on quality and affordable palliative care.

Religious and Ethical Perspectives

The religious position of most societies across the world does not advocate for a human being taking the life of another. It is against the will of God and the various religious teachings that are advanced in the community. It is important to note that religion plays a central role in dictating the moral fabric of the society. It is a critical aspect of the society that individuals identify with in their daily lives. Consequently, the law, to some extent, is supposed to put into consideration the religious point of view when legalizing some issues. Since most of the religions across the world advocate that no man should take the life of another, it would be effective for the government to take a similar position. It is only God, the giver of life that should take the breath of a human being away. It is a sign of respect to the life of others and also denying people the right to determine who lives and who does not. Upholding the religious position of the sanctity of life would lead to the illegalization of any form of euthanasia.

Preserving the Right to Life

The universal human rights state that every person has a right to live. It is a basic human right that should not be denied irrespective of the circumstances on finds themselves. Illegalizing euthanasia would be a critical step towards protecting one of the fundamental human rights. It would mean that no one would have the opportunity to deny another the right to live; whether voluntary or involuntary. Since it is hard to control euthanasia, illegalizing it is the only way that can guarantee no life has been taken away without the free will of the patient. It would be hard to account for the lives of the people undergoing euthanasia; hence, any life that is regarded as undesirable in the eyes of the doctors, nurses, or family members would be taken away. It would lead a society that is not governed by the rule of law and the need to protect the lives of others. As a result, it would be reasonable to illegalize euthanasia in an attempt to create order in the society as well as the respect and protection of human lives. It would lead to the easier accountability of lives lost; hence, enhancing the right to live.


In conclusion, illegalizing euthanasia should take effect in all countries across the globe. Many shortcomings are related to euthanasia and can only be addressed by criminalizing the act. It is not reasonable to take away the life of another in an attempt to alleviate suffering and pain. It is against the ethical and religious position in the society. Moreover, it is a breach of the universal human rights laws. Most important is that it is difficult to control euthanasia by ensuring it is only administered in good faith and when need be. Consequently, euthanasia should be illegalized to allow for alternative methods to deal with patients with terminal illnesses.

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